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Waitsburg Kindergarteners Write to Santa

Dear Santa, It’s snowing, and it’s December. The snow is on the house, and the reindeers are on the house, on the snow. I just want Yoda’s house in Star Wars and all the MineCraft Leggo’s. Have a good Christmas, Emerson Kiefel Dear Santa...


First Graders Christmas Poems

Grinch Mean Grouchy Stealing, grinning, yelling He stole the Who’s Christmas. Grinch By: Lillian Carpenter Snow Cold White Throwing, sledding, playing Making snowmen in winter. Snow By: Emily Knudson Santa Big Jolly Giving, flying, smiling Eats... Full story


Second Grade Winter Diamante Poems

Winter Cold, white Sledding, tubing, baking St. Nick, snow, cabin, snowman Skating, freezing, playing Icy, frosty Christmas By Harleigh Webber Winter Cold, icy Freezing, tubing, ice skating Santa, snowmen, lights, presents Shimmering, sledding,...


Third Graders Who Am I? Riddles

Who am I? I have a hat and I am fat. I drink milk and eat cookies. I have a sleigh. By James Smith Who am I? I am sweet, I like to give treats, and I mostly wear red with a white beard. I know if you are awake. I leave crumbs and treats. By Yaneli...


Fourth Grade What I'm Thankful For

I am thankful for my friend, Mason. He plays tag with me. We play GTA and Call of Duty together. We also play soccer and football. That is why I am thankful for Mason. Ryder Hubbard I’m so thankful for my grandma. She made me and Ty’s mom who mad...


Fifth Graders Perfect Christmas

Perfect Christmas Morning by Tyler Coulston I get out of bed with my flaming pajamas and my fire slippers and walked to my mom and dad’s bedroom and told mom, “It’s Christmas, come on.” Then dad following plus me and mom walked to the living...


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