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Riddles from the Third Grade


December 16, 2021

Waitsburg Times photos

Robert, Ashton, Emerson, Oliver, Owen, Haven, Bentley, Timothy, Kacen, Emerson, Ava, Mclaughlin, Wyatt, Gannon, Nicholas, Katherine, Liam, Ethan, Alexander, Wyatt

I'm gingery and sweet ,

I taste good as a holiday treat,

What am I?

- Shylo Hedges

I'm Santa's helper,

And I go on a tree,

But do not touch me,

As my name starts with an E, that's me.

-Wyatt Vasquez

I bring you presents,

I eat your cookies,

I drink your milk,

Who am I?

-Jaylynn Gleason.

I am red and white,

I am shaped like a hook,

I hang on a tree,

What am I?

-Ashton Haury

I'm bright at night,

fancy as Santa,

beautiful like Rudolph,

only at night.

What am I?

-Jace Grende

I go under a tree,

I get ripped open,

There's something inside,

What am I?

-Emerson Kiefel

I have white hair,

I can make snow,

and I am from a movie,

Who am I?

-Rylan Struckmeier

I was born on Christmas day,

I am in Heaven with my father,

I am a person that died on a cross,

Who am I?

-Katherine Roberts

I'm on top of the tree,

I am in the sky,

I shine like a diamond,

What am I?

-Liam Vasquez

I have a little jingle,

I have a red nose,

And I will guide the sleigh on Christmas night.

Who am I?

-Wyatt Parrish

I am from a movie,

I am a snowman,

And I have a top hat,

Who am I?

-Robert Chavez

I'm black and white,

and live in the south pole,

I wadle.

Who am I?

-Kacen Hubbard

I am white,

I am cold,

I fall from the sky,

What am I?

-by Gannon Pennington.

I am big,

I am fat,

And I wear a red hat,

Who am I?

-Alexander Weis

I am fat,

I am white,

I eat fish,

What animal am I?

-Cole Goff

I hang on the Christmas tree,

I'm red, blue, and gold,

if you drop me I'll break.

What am I?

-Ethan Watson

I'm something that falls from the sky,

I'm white,

I'm flakey,

What am I?

-Nicholas Reger

I'm green,

I'm mean,

I take your presents,

Who am I?

-Oliver Harvey

I have white hair,

I have a staff that shoots frost,

And I am a guardian,

Who am I?

-Murdoch Mclaughlin

I am red and white,

I'm always by your fireplace,

but I don't go on your foot.

What am I?

-Bentley Hill

I have a red nose,

I light up the night,

I got bullied.

Who am I?

-Ava McCaw

I have a red hat

I have a big belly,

Who am I?

-Cora Harer

You can open me on Christmas day,

Santa delivers me,

Elves make me,

What am I?

-TJ Hollingsworth

I`m white,

I'm fluffy,

And I'm satisfying when you crunch me

What am I ?

-Owen Harvey

I am red and white,

I hang on a fireplace,

I am shaped like a sock,

What am I?

-Haven Henry


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