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City mayoral candidate has concerns

Waitsburg is a community we all can be proud of. Neighbors standing shoulder to shoulder shoveling mud from each others homes. Salvaging what could be salvaged. We are Truly “One Of a Kind.” But there were events happened during our recent...


State Senate candidate reflects on forebears' sacrifices in challenging times

To the Editor: My Facebook page reminded me this week of a photo I took in 2011 of the Iwo Jima Memorial. It was a timely reminder of the hard challenges our country has faced before. That memorial is officially called the U.S. Marine Corps War...


Be safe on County roads, spring weather and farming add hazards

To the Editor: In this so far surprisingly post-flooded early spring weather many of us are restless to head up into the hills to look at the views, take photographs of our beautiful landscapes and where possible without trespassing hike around....


Volunteer appreciation

Thank you to our volunteer groups, generous businesses and countless individuals for supporting our Waitsburg flood relief efforts – you made a difference! Sincerely, the Waitsburg Flood Relief Committee Banner Bank Big Cheese Pizza Blue Mountain...


Pastor Matt Wyatt commends our community's resilience and unity

Letter to the editor, I feel the need to respond to last week’s letter that spoke on the lack of unity in our society. In the past 17 days since multiple communities were hit by the flood of 2020, I have witnessed nothing but unity. Not just in...


Writer urges people to come together

To the Editor: Though I write what may be an unpopular letter, by God’s grace I am still warm at age 96. Along with my World War II friends we agree America should reinstate the military draft to active service for both young men and women. The...


Proposed cougar management regulations

To the editor: Upon reviewing the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife’s (WDFW) presently proposed cougar management regulations, there are considerations I believe the general public should have more clarity on regarding the science behind...


Pastor Hughes praises relief efforts, and offers help

To the Editor Pastor Matt Wyatt and the Christian Church have received much thanks and praise for their response to needs arising from the flooding. All well deserved! And Margie Benson with coordinating meals for the displaced and for the work...


Pastor Matt Wyatt responds to questions about his efforts over the weekend

To the Editor, It was a busy weekend but very fulfilling. I saw a community come together in a way that was inspiring and made me so grateful to be a part of this town. As for the questions, we have had one family stay the night at the church. We...


Writer frustrated with Columbia County Rural Library District board

Dear Editors, Libraries are filled with words. All along the shelves are bound series of words that tell stories of all kinds. Libraries have always been places where words are important even when a reader or a patron disagrees with those words. Libr...


residents support Dayton School District levies

Dear Editor, We are writing in support of the upcoming Dayton School District Levies. Nothing is more important than the children of our community! The EP&O Levy supports Educational Programs and Operations that are not funded by the state. This... Full story


Support for Dayton Levies

To the Editor: I would like to urge voters to pass the Dayton School Levies during the February election. These levies are needed for our schools to continue to provide a quality education to our youth. We are quite lucky to have programs in our... Full story


Yes for Dayton Levies

Dear Fellow Taxpayers, We are urging you to continue your support of Dayton schools and students by voting YES for the upcoming Capital Projects and Educational Programs and Operations (EP&O) Levies. Continuing these existing levies will help... Full story


Dayton School Board chair urges levy passage

To the Editor: The Dayton School District is running replacement levies and a Capital Levy (a feasibility study to improve electrical outlets in the Elementary/Middle School building to be able to install air conditioning). During our last... Full story


Appreciation for Dayton

Dear Editor: We would like to offer accolades about the show stopping flower hangings that adorned our Main Street this past Summer and Fall. The baskets were all propagated, planted and maintained by local gardeners and were a joy to see throughout... Full story


Reasons to approve Dayton School levy

To the Editor, The Dayton School District needs your support with the upcoming replacement levies. The State of Washington is committed to providing the costs of basic education. The local levies help to support the parts of public education that... Full story


Please Support Dayton Schools

Dear Editor, Four generations of my family attended Dayton Schools and received a solid education here. I want to ensure that the children in our community continue to have the same opportunity for a quality, well-rounded education. That is why I am... Full story


Walla Walla friends provide glass recycling update

Dear Editor: Walla Walla’s struggle to retain its curbside recycling program has rightfully overshadowed our efforts to resuscitate glass recycling in our community. In many ways, this new struggle is repeating the one that resulted in the... Full story


Waitsburg Resource Center appreciates food donations and community support

Dear Times Editor, We at the Waitsburg Resource Center thank you (the Times) and the community for your support, especially this December. Community members donated 311 pounds of items for the 12 Days of Christmas. The Leos Club (Waitsburg High... Full story


Theater Manager appreciates Community support

Touchet Valley Arts Council and the Liberty Theater concluded its last performance of Mary Poppins on December 7. It was our 19th fall musical production, and one of our most successful. When I say “our” I’m referring not only to the TVAC Board...


Waitsburg brings Christmas cheer

Dear Editor: Full disclosure, while never descending to the level of a Grinch, I never could really fully celebrate the spirit of Christmas. I raised children and hopefully provided for them a Christmas-ish foundation, but personally never quite...


Reader praises recent Liberty Theater production

Dear Editor, Theater at its Best!! From the front rows I witnessed a full house at Dayton Liberty Theater, presenting Disney’s Mary Poppins musical. One could not have enjoyed more if seeing it on Broadway. The cast of 59 was magnetic, makeup...


Our Faltering Social Vitality

By Rich Lowry The economy is in robust good health, but our social fabric isn’t. By two basic measures of social vitality, births and deaths, American society is faltering. Both the fertility rate and life expectancy are declining, in a sign that...


Dean gives thanks to rural communities welcoming students

Dear Editor: At this time of Thanksgiving, we pause to give thanks to those who enrich our lives. At the University of Washington School of Medicine in partnership with Gonzaga University, we are especially grateful for the growing community of...


Times Publisher reflects with gratitude

This has been one of the most challenging and rewarding years of my life. Since deciding to purchase the Waitsburg Times my main objective was to ensure the continuation of publication which began in... Full story


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