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Stand up and be an ally

Dear Editors: I read the letter in last week’s paper written by Regina Weldert, a valued, productive business owner in our county and a beloved friend to many. That there should be one ounce of fear in her for her own safety as well as her other tr... Full story


fight for the library

As many Columbia County residents know by now, there is a petition circulating that proposes to put the dissolution of the Columbia County Rural Library District on the ballot. Dissolution of the district would result in the permanent shuttering of... Full story


Dissolving library weakens community

To the Editor The Dayton Memorial Library has been a hot topic of conversation for months now. These conversations are important. Expressing our concerns is a part of civic discourse as long as we do so respectfully. My concern is access to... Full story


Into the light

To the editor: I have been struggling a little these last few days. I had an attack of ego the other day that I am still trying to get right sized. I recognized it quickly and started measures to alter course. But more troubling is the constant barra... Full story


Library Board Trustee speaks on appeal decision

To the editor, I serve on the Board of Trustees for the Columbia County Rural Library District. I would like to speak to the issue of books in the library that some members in the community want removed from the shelves. At our regular meeting a... Full story


"Thanks for the laugh."

To the Editor, Dayton Library Board Meeting February 27, 2023—I was greeted by protestors carrying signs wanting to have a book banned from the library. The meeting room filled up mostly with protesters. Prior to the board’s discussion of the boo... Full story


Concern over council member's ethics

Dayton deserves great leadership. The City Council members were elected or appointed to handle our tax money and make responsible decisions in the best interest for the City of Dayton. As an elected official in local government, you are responsible... Full story


Times Writers recognized

This letter is to let you know how much I enjoy your local writers. Brad Trumbo’s “ Palouse Outdoors: The Final Day” in the February 2nd issue was so evocative of season and place that although I have absolutely no interest in hunting, I... Full story


The Dayton Eagles contribute much to the community

Dear Editor, As we go about our daily lives in Dayton, WA, we encounter many, many wonderful individuals. I have the privilege of knowing a group of such individuals; a group that works as a team and makes up the Dayton Eagles Aerie and Auxiliary...


School Board Recognition month

Dear Editor: By proclamation of the governor, January is School Board Recognition Month. It's a great time to recognize our elected community members who selflessly give their time and energy in suppo... Full story


Asking for more Support for Dayton Senior Center

To the Editor: During the past three years, our Senior Center has continued to serve meals twice weekly for delivery and added outside pickup when the dining room was closed. Throughout the past three years, practical precautions have been taken to... Full story


Weller Library; a sum of all parts

Dear Editor, As the year closes on 2022 for Weller Public Library, I would like to express my gratitude and appreciation for the people and organizations that have contributed to the success of the library this year: Weller Public Library Board of Tr... Full story


Rebecca's Lodge Will Be Missed!

Madam Editor, I write to bid fond farewell to a Starbuck, Washington institution. Rebecca’s Lodge closed its doors after serving its last meal on Saturday, December 17, 2022. Tiina and I drove to Starbuck from Waitsburg that morning to mark the... Full story


Letter from Santa

Dear Editor and readers of The Times, As I began my exit through the hallways behind the scenes at a mall last week, I saw my Santa's Helper and asked if the reindeer were okay. He smiled and said... Full story


A thank you to town from Santa

Dear Editor and readers of The Times, I am taking the time to send a follow-up letter to the Editor of the Waitsburg Times after a fabulous weekend spent in the Waitsburg area visiting with children of all ages. Not only did I visit with children in... Full story


Waitsburg letter brings Santa back to town for a visit this weekend

Dear Editor, Every year thousands of letters pour into my Inbox. Believe it or not, they trickle in all year long, but for the most part, they come in during the month of December. The letters range all over the map, from a request for a doll or car... Full story


Kellie Rose is the bomb!

The recent Waitsburg Times interview with pop artist Kellie Rose is what drove me to attend her recent concert at the Royal Block.  Her life story told in the Times article about her years of hard work, dedication and unwavering determination to... Full story


Deputies positive role in DSD

To Whom It May Concern, First, a big thank you to the new deputies & Joe Helm! I would like to inform my community about this topic and recognize the benefits of the deputies in our high school. Joe Helm hired a lot of new deputies this year. Many... Full story


Honesty in Candidate ads is needed

The recent election has, once again, been filled with negative ads with questionable “facts.” A while back, a news item on CBS Morning News stated it was legal and acceptable for candidates to lie in campaign materials and ads. My question is,...


Support for Jared Hawkins

Jared Hawkins is the clear choice for Walla Walla County Part Time District Court Judge. Not only does he have the necessary relevant experience and personal character, he has also dedicated countless volunteer hours over the past decade to serve... Full story


A Vote for Jan Corn

To the Editor, Residents of Washington’s 16th legislative district would be better served by Jan Corn as their representative in Olympia. Jan was a business owner in Walla Walla for over 25 years and knows the challenges facing entrepreneurs in... Full story


Co-chair of Friends of the Pool speaks out on misleading information about JMPD

Dear Editor, I endorse Proposition #1. The creation of a Columbia County Joint Metropolitan Park District. Columbia County Resolution 2022-23 and the City of Dayton Resolution 1498 signed by all county commissioners and city council members to put... Full story


Jan Corn is committed to Community

To the editor: Skyler Rude has claimed that “affordability concerns,” including healthcare, housing, and childcare are among his top priorities. However, as state representative he voted against the development of affordable housing (HB 1220), ag... Full story


Darren Goble for County Commissioner 

To the Editor Darren Goble exemplifies the motto family and community first. Goble is a small town man, in every positive sense of the word.  A fire department volunteer for decades, Goble always steps forward.  When Goble was putting out his... Full story


Vote for Positive Change

To the Editor: I urge you to vote for Jack Miller for Columbia County Commissioner and Jeff Jenkins for County Sheriff. These two men will work well together to reunite the community and lead with integrity.  Jack Miller has the experience and knowl... Full story


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