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Yes to Jack, yes to a city pool

To the Editor Vote for what’s right in our community and country. I’m a proud Vietnam Veteran and loyal American voting for Jack Miller. Yes, to City Pool. Sincerely, Randy Tewalt Dayton, Wash.... Full story


CCC creating collateral damage in Dayton

Letter to the Editor: During the Vietnam War, a quote attributed to US Army major P. Booris achieved notoriety: “It became necessary to destroy the town in order to save it.” He was referring to the decision by allied commanders to bomb and... Full story


Choose fully committed park commissioners

Dear Editor: Leadership is about vision, commitment, hard work and working with others to achieve a common goal. If you’re not committed, what’s the point? The Columbia County Commission and the Dayton City Council have both passed resolutions to... Full story


Shutting down books and young voices

To the editor: My 11-year-old daughter attended the Columbia County Library Board meeting last Monday, October 17th. She wanted to show her civic pride and support the library. I am horrified and appalled at the behavior of certain pro-book-banning... Full story


Miller is upfront, honest and needed

To the editor: Jack Miller is what Columbia County needs. I have known Jack and his wife, Barbara, for over 30 years. They both have had long, professional careers. Jack has always been up-front and honest. He will never use his ideology ideas to... Full story


Support for effective Metropolitan Board Commissioners candidates

If the Metropolitan Parks District proposal passes, then I believe it’s very important to vote for the board that will commit to progressing forward with the long-term goal. This elected board will have a huge job ahead, working with architects to... Full story


Best candidate can cross party lines, ultimately elected officials work for every voter

To the editor: There have been some remarks lately that Jack Miller can’t possibly be a true Republican because he has so much support from Democrats in the community. I want to point out that, as a Democrat living in a county with a Republican... Full story


A good plan for a successful library

Dear Editor: I abruptly and regretfully left Waitsburg early last spring to become a full-time babysitter for my granddaughter as my son and his wife devote every moment they have to building their home in Montana before the snow flies. Before I left... Full story


Jenkins offers a five focus points plan for Sheriff

To the Editor, Why do I support Jeff Jenkins for Columbia County Sheriff? I base a lot of my opinion on my own experiences dealing with Jeff. When my wife and I had concerns about an issue, his quick response getting back to us the next day was... Full story


Support for Jenkins

To the editor, I met Mr. Jenkins several years ago when he was running for Sheriff. We had met in the context of his candidacy. Since then, he has always treated me warmly and with respect. When I approached him about his candidacy a few weeks back... Full story


Concern over lack of Sheriff's transparency

Dear Editor After attending the Sheriff’s candidate forum on 9/26/22, I have some concerns. Our Sheriff’s Department has a code of ethics signed by every officer. Historically, most police ethics focus on the relationship between the police and...


Worry over election atmosphere

Dear Editor: My name is Tim Quigg. For those of you who don’t know me, I am currently the Chief Civil Deputy for the Columbia County Sheriff’s Office. Allow me a moment to present my bonafides. I started my career with the Sheriff’s Office in 1... Full story


In support of candidate Reser

To the Editor Please vote for write-in County Commissioner candidate Danielle Garbe Reser by writing her name in the space provided on your mail-in ballot. The Board of County Commissioners adopts annual budgets. The 2022 budget is over 125 million... Full story


Concern over Library Trustees

Dear Editor, As the community should be aware by now, the Weller Public Library is under new management. When the new head librarian, Twila Tate, was hired she was also a Trustee of the Library. Seeing this as a conflict of interest and concerned abo...


Support for Dayton Library collection

To the editor, I read the following statement at the meeting of the Columbia County Board of Trustees on Monday, September 19: I have a master’s degree in library science from the University of Washington, and I was the branch manager of the... Full story


Character attacks on FB are disheartening and dangerous

To the Editor, There has been a recent uproar about which books should be available to children in our public library. The people who have voiced their concerns have stated repeatedly that their concerns are not political, homophobic, transphobic,... Full story


Reaction to commissioner statements

To the Editor: An article on the front page of the September 1 issue of the Dayton Chronicle reported that Commissioner Charles Amerein responded to a community member at the Aug. 22 commissioner’s meeting by saying that he has “learned to... Full story


values are not one-size-fits-all

To the Editor:  I would like to address the fear-filled letter submitted to the Chronicle in the 9/1 edition from Seth Murdock. Mr. Murdock, there is simple way for you never to have to worry about a “Drag Queen Story Time” and it is so easy... Full story


Election time outrage

To The Editor, In last week’s Dayton Chronicle, Seth Murdock’s letter of support for the re-election of Commissioner Chuck Amerein took issue with, among other things, a drag queen storytime in Ketchikan, Alaska, gender nonconformity, noodle... Full story


Support for Dayton Library, its collection, and Director

To the Editor: The recent negative controversy about book selection at our local library is really frustrating. It is so easy these days to be critical of the trustees, director and staff when it comes to book selection. In order to serve the entire... Full story


Concern over dayton official social media

Dear editor, It has come to my attention that one of our elected officials has taken it upon herself to block people from commenting or engaging with her on her official government page. The First Amendment does not permit a public official who...


Questions undersheriff preaching in uniform

To the Editor: Recently, the Walla Walla Union Bulletin published an article on Columbia County Undersheriff Robbie Patterson, and how he preaches sermons while wearing his sheriff-department uniform. The Freedom from Religion Foundation wrote to...


Bipartisan support in local politics

We seem to live in an ever-increasing political state of division. But I think it’s an illusion caused by the far-right and far-left and the media that is constantly scrambling for viewers. There are lots of dog-whistles being blown that raise... Full story


Separation of speech and duty needed in sheriff's office

To the editor, The following is a letter, dated June 28, 2022, sent to Columbia County Sheriff Joe Helm. The letter pertained to his Under Sheriff wearing the County Law Enforcement uniform and badge while giving a political/religious speech on the... Full story


Thank you to Waitsburg emergency services

To the editor, I would like to thank the Waitsburg Ambulance Service and Walla Walla Ambulance Service for saving my life on July 25, 2022. If it was not for them, I would no longer be here…they resuscitated me twice. And I want to thank Patty... Full story


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