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Support of Brown

Letter to the editor, I am writing in support of Shawn Brown, candidate for Port Commissioner seat 1. Shawn brings depth of knowledge and a holistic approach to the economic health of the county that extends beyond a single issue, or series of pet is... Full story


Candidate Dream team

To the voters of Waitsburg, Here is the dream team I’d like to see on the Waitsburg city council: Kate Hockersmith for Mayor; Karen Stanton-Gregutt, Jim Romine, and Jillian Henze to continue as council members; Randy Charles for the newly opened...


Vote for McMunn

Dear Editor: Teeny McMunn worked for me for about three years as office manager, bookkeeper and salesperson for The Times newspaper in Waitsburg. On top of that, she wrote a well-loved recipe column for the paper. She was the best employee I could... Full story


support for Gregutt for Waitsburg

We need Karen Gregutt to continue her outstanding service in our Waitsburg government. While on the Waitsburg’s Planning Commission and City Council, Karen has effectively and tirelessly worked on behalf of our town for many years. Her beautiful... Full story


Support for candidates in Columbia county

Dear Editor, I am supporting the following candidates for various offices in Columbia County, the City of Dayton, Dayton School District Board, and the Public Hospital District: Shawn Brown, Commissioner #1 Columbia County Port #1 Jack Miller, Commis... Full story


McMunn for city council

Dear Editor, My friend Teeny McMunn has decided to give up some of her retirement time to become a member of Dayton’s City Council. I’m endorsing her to fill position 3 because I know she will work to benefit Dayton. Teeny will seek ways to... Full story


Kate for new leadership

To the Editor, I am endorsing Kate Hockersmith as Waitsburg’s next Mayor. I urge the residents of Waitsburg to consider what they want to see happen under new leadership for the City. As a new resident of Waitsburg, I was dismayed to find that... Full story


Hockersmith for Mayor

Dear Editor, Candidate for Mayor Kate Hockersmith has one of those deep rooted histories of decades of broad helpful participation in the Waitsburg community, from our children to our elderly and always including music and education as well as...


Lessons on public good from '96 flood

To the Editor A neighbor of mine who has been in the community for many years lent me her book ‘The Flood of 96 - in Dayton and Columbia County’, full of pictures of what is described as a 100-year flood. The pictures are full of the major... Full story


Support for McMunn

I am writing this letter in support of Teeny McMunn, who is running for Dayton City Council Position #3. I have known and been a good friend of Teeny’s for over 15 years. Not only has she been a competent business owner and manager, but also one... Full story


mcmunn a passionate supporter of dayton

Dear Editor, I am writing to enthusiastically endorse Teeny McMunn for the City Council, position #3, of Dayton. I have known Teeny for about 16 years having first met her at her small business she ran along with her partner. I know her to be a... Full story


Response to Phinney letter

I was disappointed to read Barbara Phinney’s letter concerning the County’s purchase of a big, new pickup truck for the E911 Manager - to the tune of $118,000 when there was already a pickup for the new manager to use.  I admit I haven’t been... Full story


Fred Crowe Best Qualified to Serve City Council Position #7

I am supporting Fred Crowe for City of Dayton Council, Position #7. Dayton is my hometown, and I care deeply about the future of this community. I believe Fred is the candidate best qualified to serve on the council in position #7. I have known Fred... Full story


Very Disappointed in our Columbia County Commissioners

I am writing this letter out of concern for the financial health of Columbia County and the poor spending decisions that the County Commissioners have let happen. Here are a few examples of such decisions that affect our County. Columbia County... Full story


Rejection of Columbia County Conservatives mandates

Letter to Editor - We have candidates running for leadership positions in Columbia County and the City of Dayton that profess to be followers of Jesus Christ yet cannot seem to perform the simplest act of loving, Christian kindness towards their... Full story


Wilson ends City Council bid

Dear Citizens of Waitsburg: As many of you know, the voting for City Council has changed from the original charter. The original charter had the people of Waitsburg selecting candidates from a list and the candidates with the most votes received the... Full story


In support of Stevenson

Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success. - Henry Ford  Working together as a community seems to be much needed in our town. Boe Stevenson is the person to help accomplish this goal. Boe owns and... Full story


Why I am masked and vaccinated against COVID-19

When faced with a significant decision, I often ask myself, what is the worst that could happen. With COVID-19, I fear passing the virus to a friend, family member, loved one, or even a stranger. The worst that could happen is giving it to someone... Full story


Dayton School Board meeting disruption

Letter to the editor: As a member of the Dayton School Board, I would like to address the September 15 meeting at which no business was conducted after it was disrupted by a candidate for the School Board, Aneesha Dieu. The Washington State School... Full story


Support for Zoller

Dear Editor, People are quick to believe the bad things they hear about good people. Never has this been more evident. In the last three years I have seen adults I once respected, actively spread rumors and gossip online. They do this because... Full story


Mask mandate defiance discouraging

Letter to the Editor I have noticed that a number of local shops have discontinued wearing masks and have removed the signs mandating the wearing of masks in public buildings, shops stores, etc. This flagrant defiance of the current law is very...


In support of Korinda Wallace

To the Editor, I am writing this letter in support of Korinda Wallace for Dayton School Board District. It has been my pleasure to work with Ms. Wallace since this last spring as we organized the Columbia County Conservatives. Ms. Wallace moved here...


Vaccinations help keep hospital beds, schools available

To the Editor: Dr. James Worthy, a Texas physician addressing a shortage of hospital beds due to non-vaccinated covid variant patients, said that he dislikes the term “elective surgery” because it sounds like “a mere tummy tuck” issue rather...


Vaccinations should be personal choice

Dear Editor, On Wednesday, August 18, 2021 the Governor of Washington decided to make a decision for most workers residing in the state of Washington: mandating COVID vaccinations. Vaccinations are an extremely personal choice, and they SHOULD be....


In support of Zoller for Dayton City Council, Position #5

To the Editor, I am writing to express my support for Vicki Zoller as a write-in candidate for Dayton City Council Position #5. I’ve gotten to know Vicki pretty well, working with her on various projects and committees over the last few years....


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