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In support of Jillian Henze Candidacy

Dear Editor, My oldest daughter, Alyssa, loves being at Weller Public Library. As her mom, I love that she loves it! What better way to foster a passion for reading and learning than to place her in such an environment at an early age?! Also, it has...


Letters to the Editor: Picture of Love

Every community should like the picture of Bill Rodger’s iris garden. Everyone growing up together and looking their best indicates being created for a great purpose by a Great God. With every glance, my eyes catch the beauty which illuminates my... Full story


Weller Public Library future accessable for all

Dear Editor- I am writing in regards to the recent article about the future of the Weller Public Library.  I grew up in Waitsburg and I agree that libraries are definitely the heart of the community. The Weller Public Library was a space I attended... Full story


Malden-Pine City events and the Touchet Valley Trail

To the editor, There are sudden dramatic changes and there are slowly moving changes. Both affect the overall temperament of the citizens of a community. The first challenge brought about by change is to come together and talk with each other. It is... Full story


Letter to the editor

The taxpaying citizens of Columbia County have approved and are paying for bonds supporting Education and schools, Hospital and Health Care and Fire Department and Ambulance Services, all which support our quality of life. We are now being asked to... Full story


Letter to the editor

Dear Editor, I am concerned about the conflicting messages we as small business owners are receiving from our government leaders. I thought small (Ma & Pa) businesses were viewed favorably by most Americans. Some of the policies that have been put...


Letter to the editor

To the Editor, Recent articles in this publication and others have told only part of the story that is the first semester of the COVID era in Dayton. Here is the reality: A recent article in the Waitsburg Times misquoted our MS/HS Principal claiming... Full story


Kudos to Dayton Health System

Dear Editor The town of Dayton is fortunate to have Dayton General Hospital with its professional caring staff. Especially the PT staff who went over and above their duty to make sure I had what I needed and make me comfortable. Kudos to Dayton... Full story


Letter from the Port Columbia to Dayton Chronicle

February 10, 2021 Dear Editor, Over the past 18 months, there have been several inaccurate headlines and stories printed in the Dayton Chronicle related to our work at the Port of Columbia. This misinformation has caused unnecessary concern among... Full story


Call for transparency

Dear Editor, The decision to fire Walla Walla Columbia County Dist. 2 Fire Chief, Michael Moynihan, should be rescinded immediately. It was made secretly in executive session at the Fire Commissioners' most recent board meeting. This amounts to...


Letter to the editor

Waitsburg Community, Pastor Matt Wyatt and his wife Krystal have a new adventure ahead. How profound a contribution they have made in the life of the Christian Church and in the life of Waitsburg! They will be missed greatly. But not too fast! With...


A letter of thanks

Dear Waitsburg Community, We are writing you on behalf of the Waitsburg Resource Center and the Waitsburg Ministerial Association. We want to thank you all so very much for your generosity. These have been difficult times, but because of your gifts,...


Letter to the editor

Washington State, under the leadership of Governor Jay Inslee, recently received national recognition for adopting the pandemic protocol established by scientists and health care professionals: “Against all odds some states have managed to keep...


A New Year, a Good year

This is the insert I wrote on my New Year’s cards for 2021. Since last year was so depressing, I wanted to do something positive, and this has helped me as well as several of my friends, so I thought I would share it with you so more people can...


Letter to the editor

Dear Neighbors, I am writing to express my concern for this lovely community that I have just become a part of. May God bless and protect you because I have some serious doubts that the Fire Department knows how. As you may be aware, my husband,...


Waitsburg's "One of a Kind" pride attacked

Change is the only thing permanent in the world since the beginning of time. Though not popular or easy, it can be progressively profitable. Absolute honesty and unselfishness are usually the missing factors omitted from decisions made in secrecy.... Full story



Over the last four years, there has been an increased narrative that the mainstream media and print journalism are purveyors of ‘fake news.” The news media has repeatedly been presented as “the... Full story


Letter to the editor

Dear Waitsburg Parents, We want you to know that we are thinking of you every day. We thank the reporting from the Waitsburg Times which helped us do that. We have copied the pictures the paper published of each of your elementary children, and...


Support for affordable housing

Affordable housing means stability for families and community members; homeownership is one of the best ways to build financial comfort. The availability of affordable housing attracts families to help support our schools and businesses. Many local... Full story


Letter to the Editor

To the Editor: Obedience is not a virtue. Exacted from slaves, dogs, and very young children, obedience is an essential component to a well-run society, but not necessarily a free one. For the tyrant, the despot, the emperor, a well-run citizenry...


Embracing Waitsburg

Dear Sirs, With all our challenges these past nine months, my “self” returns to Waitsburg, my favorite place of choice. My name is Dorothy Mock Shepherd. Onset of 1947, my family traveled to Waitsburg to live with my grandparents, Alex and...


Concerns over Commissioner's actions

Letter to the editor  My name is Sharon Eaton, and I do not like to cause problems or arguments. However, there was an incident at the Dayton Senior Center on Dec. 15 that has caused me concern. Because of COVID-19, we are not going into the Senior... Full story


Nice Things!

I had the nicest surprise last week. UPS had a Christmas mix-up and delivered a package for me to the wrong address, here in Waitsburg. The lovely person who received it took it to the Post Office so I could be found. I was delighted when I got a... Full story


A thank you from Waitsburg Resource Center

Dear Editor, We at the Waitsburg Resource Center (the Food Bank) are so grateful for the donations made during this challenging 2020 year of the pandemic. As a non-profit we also thank all who volunte... Full story


Letter to the Editor

It seems common sense and decency have been upstaged by rule changes at the USPS. In our small town of 1,200 we do not have mail delivery to our homes as an option. The two choices are a mailbox at the end of the street, if living far enough away...


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