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Support for previously vetted wastewater project

To the Editor, In the May 19th online edition of the Waitsburg Times, the article titled “Dayton wastewater treatment project stalled again” included three letters that need to be shared to a wider audience. The first was from Cynthia... Full story


What's next Columbia County?

To the editor: What is happening to the formerly friendly and welcoming Columbia County? After various new members of our community government were sworn into office last January many beneficial, well-researched and planned projects were halted.... Full story


An inspired school music program in Waitsburg

To the Editor, The energy and confident singing of the kids in the Waitsburg Elementary School Spring Music Program could have lit the whole town. None of your “Ah, shucks, I’m too shy.” These kids rocked. Two years of being pent up from covid... Full story


Let's Get Back Into the SWIM of Things

Since the closure of the Dayton City Pool at the end of the season in 2017, a dedicated group of citizens formed The Friends of the Pool Committee to facilitate the process for the construction and sustainable operation and maintenance of a new swimm... Full story


A family thankful for BMS and Co-op market

To the editor: Right here in our beautiful town of Dayton we have what I would consider a blessing: The Blue Mountain Station. Now you may be thinking…the building? And the answer is yes and no. Within this new and attractive building is the BMS... Full story


Save this alternative

To the editor: It seems that the Dayton City Council may have made an error last month when it decided not to approve purchase of two properties to deal with long-standing issues regarding sewage treatment. After many years of study and...


Concern over Waste Water Project vote

At their April 12 meeting, the Dayton City Council voted 4-3 to forgo 2 years of work, and about $200,000 to say “no” to purchasing land on which to build a new wastewater treatment plant. After years of research and planning an innovative, econo... Full story


An apology is owed

Port Director Jennie Dickinson just received recognition from the Dayton Chamber of Commerce as Employee of the Year. Many appreciative community members nominated Ms. Dickinson for this award and were pleased that she was selected to receive it.... Full story


Counting on Ecology Patience

At the April 12 meeting of the Dayton City Council, the Council members voted against purchasing the property that would have allowed the City to move forward with bringing the wastewater treatment into compliance with Washington State Department of... Full story



Several years ago, the City of Dayton was cited by the WA. State Department of Ecology for dumping untreated wastewater into the Touchet River. The city puts 300,000 gallons of effluent into our Touchet River each day. Dayton was not fined because... Full story


Questions over WWTP vote

Dear Editor, After Dayton City Council meeting on Tuesday, April 12th, I sent a letter to Mayor Weatherford and the council asking the following questions: Is there an alternative plan to bring our city into compliance for wastewater treatment? Will... Full story


Support of Touchet Valley Trail's economic benefits

To the Editor, I am writing to express my support for the building of the trail.  I have reviewed the plans and am encouraged by what the engineers and designers have envisioned – and the accommodations that have been made to address the... Full story


Local homeowner supports Touchet Valley Trail

To the Editor, I have volunteered and worked in many capacities in Columbia County. In those positions, I have attended many workshops and conferences in other small communities in the Pacific Northwest and have met many community leaders who touted... Full story


What is freedom?

To the Editor, What is freedom? It is defined as ‘the absence of necessity, coercion, or constraint in choice or action’ - For most of us it means the right and privilege to live our lives OUR WAY without others telling us what we can or cannot... Full story


Asking port to support tourism, small business, and the trail

To the editor, Countless hours have been spent by numerous Touchet Valley Trail supporters and the Stakeholder Committee in work on the planning process of the Touchet Valley Trail. That planning process included much time spent evaluating any... Full story


An educator in support of Hospital's child care plan

As a former educator, I am very concerned about the conflict regarding the Proposed Daycare Center.  Of course, there is a need for one or more day care centers with over 340 children under the age of 8 within our community. The Port’s mission... Full story


Fears are Amerein's not community's

To the Editor and the Public, Columbia County Commissioner, Chuck Amerein, continues to show his hypocrisy with public statements. The cases in point are fear, government overreach, and indoctrination. Several weeks ago, Commissioner Amerein stated... Full story


Volunteer firefighting is not a social club - it's a calling

The Henze Family has three generations of Columbia-Walla Walla County Fire District 2 firefighters. Dane Henze is a volunteer firefighter/EMT for our local department, following in the footsteps of his late grandfather Carl Henze and (now retired)...


The need for Daycare is not moral failing

Letter to the Editor: Per the question of whether a daycare facility might be sited at Port of Columbia land, Commissioners Watts and Bryan resisted the idea that such a facility is suitable for a site more appropriately reserved for more... Full story


Local Pastors offer focus for Ukraine giving

Dear Waitsburg, We are all grieving for the people of Ukraine. What can we do? Individually? As a community? Along with so many of you, we in the Christian Church and the Presbyterian Church have been asking ourselves this. Our churches have... Full story


Zelensky proven to be no joke

Dear Editor As if the attack on Ukraine by Russia hasn’t been immoral enough, the violation of the cease-fire in the independent area of Donetsk where 260,000 civilians are trying to escape through Volnovaksha or Mariupol on the Sea of Azov, has... Full story


Fear is part of critical thinking

To the Editor,  In response to Chuck Amerin’s comments at the school board meeting published in February 24, 2022 TheTimes, I would like to propose some thoughts. I think it is presumptuous to think that people/children were only wearing masks... Full story



Dear Editor In the last two weeks, I have read two articles in The Times quoting Columbia County Commissioner Chuck Amerein, each of them a complete contradiction to the other. In the first article, “Commissioners approve $5,000 grant to The...


Hope that port commissioners see value of childcare proposal

Dear Editor Regarding the February 9th meeting of the Commissioners of the Port of Columbia, as reported by Justin Jaech in the Waitsburg Times, “Port Commissioners Delay Decision on Childcare Proposal.” The purpose of the Port is to “work to c... Full story


Separating Nationalism from Patriotism

To the Editor; In a recent County Commissioner’s meeting The Club requested a grant of $5,000. The Club is an organization that is filling a need in the community – they are teaching social and emotional learning, personal responsibility, and... Full story


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