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In support for Clayton for WW County Commissioner

To the editor,

I am delighted to support Bertha Clayton for County Commissioner. Over the past six years, our children attended school together and I have seen firsthand her dedication and passion for our community

Bertha is an outstanding candidate who embodies integrity, dedication, and kindness. Her extensive legal training and experience make her exceptionally qualified to enhance public safety, promote economic development, and ensure fiscal responsibility. Bertha is committed to building a more inclusive and prosperous county, advocating for transparent governance and community engagement. As a lawyer and successful state agency director, Bertha’s leadership and strategic thinking are unparalleled. Her record includes developing diverse teams and leading cohorts of leaders representing competing interests, showcasing her ability to foster inclusive and collaborative environments. Bertha’s vision includes creating opportunities for small businesses, improving infrastructure, and prioritizing environmental sustainability.

Bertha’s campaign centers on sensible ideas and energized leadership to unite the County staff in meaningful partnerships without partisan divisions. Her commitment to transparency and community engagement ensures that every voice is heard. She is eager to serve and has the vision and dedication to do it well.

Alayna Brinton, MSW, LICSW

Walla Walla, Wash.


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