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Fifth Graders Perfect Christmas


December 13, 2018

Perfect Christmas Morning by Tyler Coulston

I get out of bed with my flaming pajamas and my fire slippers and walked to my mom and dad’s bedroom and told mom, “It’s Christmas, come on.” Then dad following plus me and mom walked to the living room, then I cuddled up with a blanket and mom, dad and my sis go get their coffee. I waited for my brother Cody to walk in the living room, then a few minutes went by and there he was ready to open presents.

After we open our presents, all of our family eats monkey bread. After we eat me Cody go build our Lego city sets. I get the movie that was in my stocking and start watching the movie Goosebumps. After I’m done watching I go play outside with Cody and have a snowball fight.

Christmas By Shylee Elmore

On Christmas I wake up and I got my phone, it’s 8:00. I wake up my Mom, Dad, and Tyr and I get my dress on and I eat some food. Then we go to my Grams and Papa’s house and we open our gifts and we have lots of fun! My cousins and uncles and my aunts come and we open gifts.

Perfect Christmas By Allyssa Green

I get up out of bed and I go to my desk where my phone is. I look at the time, it’s 4:00 am. I started watching YouTube videos. Then something I saved in my calendar came up and it said it was Christmas. And that’s when I looked out my window and saw it was snowing. I go into my kitchen and fix myself a bowl of cereal. I called my friend who only lives a few houses down from me and invited her over. So she came over and we drank some hot chocolate and then we woke up my grandparents. I go to my room, because I have a tree in my room, and there were presents under there too, so I grab them and take them into where the main tree is in my house and we get to opening all the presents. One of the presents was the bean boozled challenge; my friend and I played a few rounds. One of the rounds we both got one of the worst flavors, it was skunk spray! But overall it was the best Christmas.

Christmas Morning By: Tucker Hamilton

When I wake up for Christmas, I run to my mom’s room. I knock on the door and say “wake up it is Christmas!” My Mom and Dad wake up, then we wake my sister up and all we open presents at our house. Then we go to my Grandma’s house where we eat and open presents. Then we go to my other Grandma’s house and eat more and open more presents. It is a lot of fun! That is my Christmas morning.

My perfect Christmas Morning By Jarod Hankins

I wake up and see my mom in her pink pjs that look soft on, and two presents in her hand. It smells like apple cider. My sister comes to see the green tree. It looks like a big ball of light with presents under it. I hear jingle bells in the background. We open colorful presents for 40 minutes to 1 hour. During that time we giggle, make jokes, and take some pictures of us and the toys. After that we play games and play with our toys.

Christmas By Bea Karl

I wake up and it is snowing outside. I wake up my parents then I go down stairs. I go do my chores. My chore is to feed the horse. Then I see another horse, it is black. I go inside the house and I see my parents by the Christmas tree, they ask,” how did you like your first present?” and I say “I love the horse!” I open all the rest of my presents except one. I hope that it is a hoverboard but probably not, because of my dumb knees. So here it goes... I open it, it is a hoverboard! I hug my parents, and then I ride it for hours!

My Perfect Christmas Morning by Kyleigh Pennington

I open my eyes, I see the ceiling and I sit up. Stella wakes up and starts licking my face. I say “Stop Stella.” and then she stops. I start walking out to the living room, I see the bright lights, I see beautifully wrapped presents. When I see all the presents, I start trying to wake up everyone, Carsyn and Khloe start running out, my parents are like “give us a minute!”

“I hate when they do this.” I think to myself. When my parents wake up we finally get to open our presents. And that’s how My Perfect Christmas Morning is.

Perfect Christmas By Logan Seal

I open my eyes; turn on my TV and Xbox to check what time it was: it was 4:00am, it was still dark. To burn some time I played Fortnite.

Then I looked at the time it was 7:00am. I jumped out of my bed and ran down my stairs. My mom told me “merry Christmas.” I went to the living room and waited for everyone to wake up. Then they all came down stairs. We got a picture by the Christmas tree. Then I wrapped myself in my blanket right before we started to open presents and talk.

Perfect Christmas by: Brenton Segraves

I wake up and go downstairs to see what time it is, it was 6:25. I sit on the couch and watch TV until my mom, dad, sister, and brother wake up. When they wake up we get hot chocolate, coffee, and Eggnog while we wait for other family members to show up. When they show up we sit down and talk about how much snow is at Bluewood. Then we serve the family members that showed up some fresh coffee.

When we finished talking, we begin to open our gifts. When were done with that we talk some more, then we great our family members goodbye. When they leave my brother, sister, and I get ready to go sled in the soft, cold snow. This is my perfect Christmas morning.

My Perfect Christmas Morning by Hagen Taylor

When I wake up at my grandparents’ house I go upstairs. When I get upstairs I see the field covered in snow. “It looks so comfy,” I thought, and then I remembered it was Christmas. I run to every room waking up everyone. Filled with joy and excitement I run to the tree. We pass out presents and then we eat breakfast. And that’s the end of Christmas morning.

My perfect Christmas By Graycen Teal

I woke up in my grandma’s guest room with my brother. “Dude wake up it’s Christmas!” I said in a cheerful voice. I could taste the cocoa, but when I went out of my room there was nothing. Just usual stuff. At least there were presents. I played outside for 30 minutes before I came back inside were we opened presents. There wasn’t much, but then my brother got… a roll of toilet paper. At that moment I knew something was wrong. A few presents later we were done opening presents. Mom pulled one last present out from behind her. It said “for everyone.” We opened it and it was… an Xbox 1. And that was my perfect Christmas.

Perfect Christmas by Mayra Vasquez Borrego

I wake up early in the morning and run to the Christmas tree. I see a lot of presents under the Christmas tree but I have to wait until everyone is awake. Later that morning they woke up but they told me that we were going to my aunt’s house we all got ready and left to my aunt’s house when we got there we played some games on his PS4 later that morning we opened our presents.

My perfect Christmas By Victor Whitmore

I woke up on Christmas day, for a second I didn’t know that it was Christmas until my sister told me, then I immediately went down stairs and sat by the tree and waited until my parents woke up. I asked if me and my sister could open up our presents but we couldn’t. We ate breakfast then I went on my computer for a while. When the clock hit 8:00 am me and my family started to open the presents! As I was opening up my presents I opened one of them and it was Xbox one S Forza 4 bundle. Immediately I hugged my dad and said “thank you.”

Christmas and a Cat by Sara Wilson

I wake up and reach for the stand that’s near the recliner I was sleeping in, and I accidentally knock the stand over and it hits the ground with a thud and my phone slides across the room. I grunt in my head then I get up and shuffle over to get it and also to see the time. I pick it up and it says 4:21. I find my way to the kitchen to grab my bag of clothes. I forget that I’m at grandma’s for the holidays sometimes I think in my head before I trip over Dark Princess. “Dark you gosh darn cat!” I say with frustration. I get up and continue on my mission to the kitchen. Now it’s time to put on my clean clothes on. I find my way to the bathroom to change out of my dirty clothes and put on clean ones. When I come out I’m wearing my dark blue flannel and my black pants. Now it’s time to watch TV until 6:00 when everyone wakes up. After watching a hour of “London Has Fallen” it’s time to fix breakfast for everyone. 2 hours later full of being mad and frustrated I now have food made, and it’s time to wait for presents.

My Favorite Christmas

By: Sarah Daves

Once I opened my eyes I saw the clock though the open door, the clock said 8:00. When I woke up I knew what day it was. Then I jumped out of bed and rush to my mother’s room. “It’s CHRISTMAS!” I finally got dressed for the day. I woke up my brother and we both got ready for the snow! My brother is 2 years older than me. We made snow angels and an army of tiny 4 inches tall. After we both got in the house at 3:30 I got ready to go to church at 5:56. My family goes to church at 6:00 to 6:30. When church ends my family either brings food or gifts or both! Then we do a yearly tradition before my family opens gifts, my grandpa reads a story about the Christ being born and that Christmas is about the giving, not the gifts. I absolutely have Christmas on the favorite list.


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