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Fifth Grade tells us their perfect Christmas


December 16, 2021

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Carter, Colt, Sophia, Rowdy, Cody, Shaunna, Jake, Aaliyah, Liam, Sasha, Jack, Stella, Alex, Uriah

My Perfect Christmas

by Cody Coulston

My perfect Christmas would be waking up and seeing a scooter, a video game and just all sorts of cool toys. Also, we don't have to wait to open presents. We always have to wait because my mom and dad always have to get their coffee before we can open presents. Another perfect thing would be that all my family would come and watch a movie and have donuts. If I could have all that, that would be the most amazing thing that could ever happen in the world.

But that's not all there is lots more we could do. We could have christmas music and we could just be jamming out, now that would be amazing! Also me and my brother could make a snowman and have a snowball fight. And the more people that come the more presents there will be. Now I know presents are not what Christmas is all about but it is a pretty good part of christmas.

I can't imagine how my dog is going to react to all the people. Even my dog has his own stockings and all sorts of stuff. I think my last favorite thing is playing with my dog. He is the cutest , lovable thing you will ever see. His name is Thor and he is probably one of the best parts of christmas.    

My Perfect Christmas

by Sophia Castillo

My perfect Christmas would be walking down the hall and having presents under the tree. Hanging out with my family unwrapping presents together. We would also go to my grandma's house to open presents. My family would have a big breakfast and hang out. We would go play in the snow or go sledding as a family.

After we get back from sledding we would have hot coco. Then we would go play with our presents and watch a movie. Every year my family always goes around town and looks at all of the decorations. Then we would get ice cream and we would watch a movie. My brother would always fall asleep on the couch.

After that we get ready for bed. It's going to be the best Christmas ever. I love christmas. Merry Christmas. This would be my perfect christmas.

My Perfect Christmas

by Kyra Karl

My perfect Christmas wouldn't be much different then how my Christmas is now but if it were to be a perfect Christmas I imagine it a little something like this. So my alarm goes off at 6:30 then I go to my brother's room to wake him up and tell him it is Christmas. Then my brother and I go to my parent's room and jump on the bed to tell them that it is Christmas. Next my family and I make brownies and eat some. Then all of us go into the living room and my brother and I get to choose one present to open first.

Next my parents open their presents and I video tape it. Next my brother and I open the last of the small and medium presents, then we open the biggest present while my mom videotapes it. Then my brother and I play with all of our stuff then put it up in our rooms.Next my dad starts to cook Christmas dinner and I help. Next my family and I make hot cocoa,popcorn and get warm blankets then watch a Christmas movie. 

Then when dinner is done eat and watch another Christmas movie. Then after Christmas and dinner Aaliyah comes over we play with my new stuff and eat some leftovers from dinner. Next Aaliyah goes back home and I go downstairs to hang out with my family. Then we all watch one Christmas movie before we all go to bed. Then finally we all go to our rooms and go to sleep.  

My Perfect Christmas

by UriahYork  

This is my perfect Christmas, wake up to a huge gift on my bedroom floor but when I open it it's a big box inside the other box and when I open that box it's the ps5! With a headset and a custom controller with Rick and Morty on it and I go to the living room and theres a 100 boxes of gifts but my mom says we can't open them yet because were going to my great  grandma's house and grandma's house was so fun and the food was as good as this christmas and this christmas was so good. 

And then we had to go to my ether grandmas and my mom's car ran out of gas but we filled it back up with spare gas in the trunk but when we were heading back we stopped at the gas station to get hot chocolate and the hot chocolate was free. And we were back home and I had a lot more presents then I had remembered but I was really ok with that. I had maybe 5 at the beginning but now I have like 20-24 well including my brother. I knew which ones were his  and most were split evenly. He had 10 and I had 10. 

 I was tearing threw the presents  and i heard a thump thump at the door and i answered it there was no on there and I shut the door and went back to opening  and the i heard like three more thump thump and it was my friends and the asked if I could go sledding I and I got my snow stuff on and went  it was so fun we built a ramp I was go full speed I hit the ramp and I swear I saw the moon but I was going so fast i broke the ramp    

My Perfect Christmas

by Gage Mynear

My perfect Christmas was when I got another controller and I also got a new video game. The other thing that I got from my perfect Christmas was a VR headset . Another time I got a nerf gun and some really cool nerf guns. I went to the mountains for a couple of years to get my Christmas tree. The tree was beautiful, especially after putting on the beautiful ornaments.

My other perfect Christmas was when it snowed. I would help some people make a whole bunch of snowman.sometimes people would create a really really big snowman. My favorite thing I got for Christmas was a headset. The other thing is that I get three Christmases in one Christmas.

The favorite thing about Christmas for me is the presents. The other thing is probably winter break. My other favorite thing about Christmas is getting to see family cause sometimes you get to see family on Christmas. Another thing about Christmas that I like is the snow because you can go skiing. The other thing is that you could just sit at your house just chilling with hot chocolate.

My Perfect Christmas

by Braden Johnston

My favorite Christmas was when we had our first Christmas in Waitsburg which was in 2019. Also my favorite Christmas was great with lots of presents under the tree and when we finished with opening presents there was a big mess. What I wished for Christmas was a PS5 I think and a game and a lego set. When it was Christmas time we had big presents, small presents and really flat presents. We also put a lot of ornaments on the tree and I mean a lot of ornaments.

Since we came to this town, when it snows we go up to Bluewood to ski and it is fun. During Christmas we do presents at my Cousins house and my Grandparents house to also celebrate Christmas. My favorite Christmas movie is the Polar Express and I also have the set of it too. We always go up to our cabin in the mountains and we have snowmobiles up there. Back in 2019 it was before COVID and it was fun and we watched the ball drop.

We also have an ornament that says our first Christmas in Waitsburg. I hope I will have a great Christmas this year. It's been a long year too and it's not going to get shorter. The reason why 2019 was my favorite Christmas is because I got to meet new people and friends and also get introduced to a new school. I hope you guys had a good time reading this and merry Christmas.

My Perfect Christmas

by Liam Kiefel

This is what my perfect Christmas would be. First I would wake up, look out m window and it's snowing. There would be at least two or three inches of snow. Then me and my sister would go see the tree with my parents. It's amazing, stockings filled, presents under the tree.

After we open presents we go to my grandma and grandpas. We all have an amazing Christmas brunch. Then we open the presents, and watch the family open their presents. Then we go sledding and have a big snowball fight! You can't forget the hot cocoa after playing in the snow.

Finally it would be around 5:30pm. We would have the most delicious Christmas dinner. All the best food you could want.Then we would play some card games or other fun activities. This is what my perfect Christmas would be.

My Perfect Christmas

by Joy Nechodom

I can't wait for my perfect Christmas! I'm SUPER DUPER excited!! My perfect Christmas is going to be absolutely, positively, PERFECT!! Man, I'm so excited, I wish it were closer to Christmas RIGHT NOW!! I mean, it gets closer to Christmas everyday. Once again, I can't wait for my perfect Christmas!

My perfect Christmas is going to be perfect because I get to go to an aquarium and PET, and take PICTURES with a PENGUIN! I'm really, really, REALLY, excited!! I love penguins, they are my 4th favorite animals! Other than that, I can't wait to see my cousins, aunts, uncles, and my gramma! We get to do stocking exchanges, and fun games, and have a feast in a nice and warm cabin!

In conclusion, my Christmas will be PERFECT!! I love Christmas, I think it's the best holiday! No, I KNOW it's the best holiday! I decorated my Christmas tree just yesterday (December 5th, 2021). I am very proud of what the Christmas tree looks like!

Merry Christmas.

My Perfect Christmas

By Sasha Mercado

My perfect Christmas was when my grandma was up at my house we were all having a good time. We looked in our stockings and at the candy that was in them.Then we made hot chocolate,so me and my sisters and my brother drank it, and then we all passed around the presents that we gave each other. We were all laughing at all of the jokes we made. I love spending time with my family, especially on christmas. I love spending time with my grandma on Christmas because I don't get to see her that much, she doesnt live near me. 

I love Christmas because people give me presents and I give them presents.So not only they give me presents but im giving them something and seeing the expressions on their faces it just makes my day.Seeing them happy it just makes me happy.Their faces make me happy because when they smile I smile. That's why I love Christmas so much.

Every time I see my grandma look at the presents i got her she always smiles, and i just love it when  my family smiles at the things that i got them. I love seeing  my mom open her presents because she's always so happy .I love giving gifts to people. I don't know why but I love giving presents to my family.Thats why I love Christmas. I love spending it with my family.

My Perfect Christmas                              

By Trinity Wellsandt

My perfect christmas is a nice small cabin in the woods next to a beautiful frozen over lake that you can ice-skate on.It would have a bridge crossing over the lake.The forest would have many animals.The inside would have a couch in front of a fireplace the Christmas tree would be behind the table.The kitchen would be located in front of the living room when you walk in the house you walk into the foyer were the bedrooms would be to the left and the bathroom straight forward.That is what it would look like.

 I would like to have these people there for my perfect christmas: my Mom, my Dad, my sibling Kayler, my Best friend Rozalynn, my friend Joy, my Aunty Lara, Chase, Jesica, Owen, Oliver, Sawer, Billy, Grandma, Papa Jeff, Alyssa, Aunt Becky, Little Cousin Noah and many more. I would also like to have my uncle Fill but sadly he died a few years ago.The cabin would be located in Japan because I love Japan. I would be there for 1 week with Rozalynn, My mom, My dad, My sibling and many more.Those are the people I would like to be there.

 My perfect christmas is just like that.The one thing i would love to have is hot cocoa by myself alone on christmas day by the fireplace sitting there and just existing.The last thing i would like to add is what we would do. We would sit on the couch in loneliness and then play some Christmas games.After that we would sit on the couch again in loneliness then play some more games,after we played games we would sleep.When we woke up in the morning everyone would be gone because they went home.I would wake up my parents and we would then open presents and have a nice perfect christmas.


My Perfect Christmas 

By Alex Watson

My perfect Christmas was when I was 4 years old and I got a Medical Ditechter from Santa  and when I used it I found A 1992 quarter under the couch. Only, it was not a quarter. It was a dollar cent piece. Then I went into my room and used it to find the 50 cent piece. When I went outside my neighbor lost their ring.  I found it for them.

My other perfect Christmas  is when I was 6 years old.  I got a hoverboard from Santa and I asked for one because I knew that I could ride it.  Then when I got on it, I ran right into the wall and lost my tooth. Then I got back on it. I did not fall off of it.  Then I went on the sidewalk. 

After that, my grandma got on and she fell right off it.  Then she got us a present: it was a mini  basketball hoop.

My other perfect Christmas is when I was 8 years old and I got a ps4. I got the ps4 because I asked for the ps4. When I got it,  I was so happy that I got the ps4. It is so fun to play on. Not like a switch.  A switch has a tiny screen on it. The screen was cracked  but the ps4 is hooked up to the tv. The switch does not have a controller. The controller is in the switch but the ps4 has a controller and the switch can not hook up to the tv.

My Perfect Christmas

by Rozalynn Harvey

My Perfect Christmas is amazing!! My friends and family are there. My Christmas tree is decorated. Christmas music is playing. This is my perfect Christmas.

In my perfect Christmas, all of my friends and family are there. My cousins, aunts, and uncles. Friends from school, my siblings, parents, and  Grandparents. All of my friends from school and family. Everyone is here!

On my perfect Christmas, all of the decorations are up! Everyone is getting into the holiday spirit, with all of the wreaths, garlands, Christmas trees with ornaments, and lights! At night then the town is beautiful. With all of the trees and lights, it's amazing!

The perfect Christmas has lots of Christmas music and caroling. Every time you go downtown, you see and hear people caroling next to the grocery store. When you go inside, then you hear different Christmas songs as well. Lots of amazing Christmas songs coming from the radio. Because of that, everyone listening is in the Christmas spirit!!!

My perfect Christmas is the best. Friends and family, Christmas decorations and trees, and Christmas music. Christmas time is the best time of the year! It's beautiful! My perfect Christmas really is perfect.

My Perfect Christmas

by Aaliyah Hubbard

My perfect Christmas is to spend it with all my family, and probably just stay in my pajamas all day. I would also have Kyra come over and see all the stuff that I got. Then I would probably ask my mom to take me and Kyra to Albertsons to get a huge pie all to ourselfs, and maybe a slice for my brothers (but probably not). I'd go shopping at Ross with the money I got, and yes, I would take Kyra with me. Then I would go to Starbucks and get a cup filled  with whipped cream for my little puppy Lola, my sweet little Lola.

I would dress Lola up in a little costume and it would be very cute. Even cuter than she already is. I would just spoil Lola, her stocking is going to be more full then mine. I like to spoil Lola, she just is so happy when I do.  Also I need more crocs, so I would like to get a lot of crocs for christmas.

If it were my perfect Christmas Kyra would stay the night. We would go sledding and have a snowball fight. Then get  swimsuits on and then just jump in the snow, because y'know why not. We'll probably be freezing for the next hour but whatever. Lastly, I would like to go ice skating with my family.   

My Perfect Christmas

By Jack Nee

The perfect Christmas would be with exactly what you want for Christmas under the tree with holiday music, eggnog, and all of your family sitting around an open roasting fire. The smell of the tree gusting in your face with every sip of apple cider you take. Snow falling everywhere outside. Warm blankets and Frosty the Snowman playing as you open up that Xbox you wanted. Carolers opening their books to sing Jingle Bells. Having a snowball fight with your cousins.

When you walk outside with your Grinch slippers and your Frosty the Snowman blanket all you see and hear are birds chirping and snow covering the trees. Kids around you are building snowmen and having snowball fights. You get your coat on and go outside to the perfect smell of pine and snow. Even getting snow on your back is fun, pickup that snow and throw it right back. Go inside, be calm, and watch The Grinch.


My Perfect Christmas

By Carter Barron

Snow, cocoa, and family are some things that I think of when I think of Christmas. Christmas time is only once a year. At my house, we go all out. From milk and cookies for Santa, to the ornaments on the tree and Christmas music all around, we love Christmas. Today I will share My Perfect Christmas with you.

Gifts under the tree and lights on houses, bundles of fun, love, and coats. I love peppermint cocoa by the fire. Christmas is one of my favorite holidays because we see family. Christmas is not all about presents and toys but it's about family time. Caroling is amazing, as it brings people together.

Christmas day is packed with coolness. One year we went snowmobiling. Which was a lot of fun. Another year I was sledding. Whatever we do, these are memories I will never forget.

My Perfect Christmas.

by Jake Lynch

My perfect christmas started setting up my Christmas tree for me and my brother who wished t.v all mooring. Me and mom put up the Christmas light on the tree after we did it

We put ornaments on the tree. We put up the  breakable ornaments on the tree. Mom bought some new ornaments. We have to put strings on them.My  brother and I put on our ornaments.

On Christmas night we open our grandma's presents. On Christmas day my brother and I opened mom's presents. We opened our presents and started to play with our toys. Me, mom, dad and my brother went to the coffee shop here in town and my brother and I got hot cocoa. Then we got a photo with santa.

After that we got a treat bag from the coffee shop. Me, mom ,dad and my brother go home and play in the snow. My brother and I brought some toys outside. Me and brother play in the snow with dad. This is my perfect Christmas. 

My Perfect Christmas

by Stella Pearson

The perfect Christmas is all of my family coming to my house. Eating breakfast at my house then we open gifts together. But before everyone comes, my mom, my dad, my little sister and I open our little gifts.It would be perfect if it snowed before Christmas. I love getting to see my family because some of them live far away.

It is always super fun and I like waking up early. We like to help each other set up  their gifts. We have a lot of fun talking and we play with our stuff and run around my house. We play and take pictures together.    


 My Perfect Christmas 

 by Olivia Kiefel   

My perfect Christmas would start off with not waking up so early. Usually, every Christmas starts with waking up early with my family. I would also want to drink hot chocolate with candy canes, marshmallows,and whipped cream. Maybe not fighting with my brother too  would make it a little more perfect. My perfect start to Christmas would be, waking up not too early, drinking cocoa with yummy toppings, and not fighting with my brother too much. 

Opening presents and getting everything I asked for would be perfect. Even if I don't get everything, I'll still be happy. Some Christmases there wasn't any snow, so having snow on Christmas would make it perfect. Usually on Christmas, we go to my Grandma's house for dinner. It would be nice if my Grandma's dog didn't try to climb onto the table to eat all the good food. Lastly, having my family's Christmas dinner with my two cousins would be great. I would at least like to see them during Christmas break if they can't come to dinner. My perfect Christmas would start off with not waking up too early. I would like to have cocoa with yummy toppings. I would get most of the things I wanted. Lastly I would spend Christmas dinner with my two other cousins, and my Grandma's dog wouldn't try to jump onto the table. Even if Christmas wasn't just like this, I would still have a good time.

My Perfect Christmas

by Colt Boudrieau

Do you want to know how my perfect Christmas was? Keep reading to learn more about my perfect christmas. My perfect christmas was in 2019,all of my family gathered in the living room then we were given our stockings. The Elf on the shelf wasn't on the shelf he was in my STOCKING! My elf on the shelf is funny and weird.

Before Christmas he was in a candle holder with sun glasses with a sticky note saying ''will you America today''. Another time my elf on the shelf wasn't on the shelf was when our elf ate A LOT of MMs and got sick. The next day he found my I-Pad and was playing ROBLOX. I went through my search history and he played ROBLOX, TANK STARS and YOUTUBE. Then I hid the tablet under my pillow,and he found it again. 

On Christmas day I woke up early to find the elf on the shelf, but when I got out of bed and in the hallway my dad was up and said ``Good morning Colt.`` Later that afternoon, I was playing with my XBox360, and heard it's time to open presents. After we opened the presents, I went outside and played in the snow. I had a snowball fight, my base was humongous,I could walk in it, sleep in, even live in it. When I came in I got hot cocoa and sat by the fireplace.


My Perfect Christmas 

by Shaunna Hilton

 That Christmas was the best Christmas in my life. I  mostly have two Christmases but that year was different. I had one Christmas instead of two. Half the family came to spend Christmas with me, mom, dad and Asher . The rest of the family couldn't make it because they already had plans. But we still had a lot of fun. On Christmas eve we went to the mountains and went sledding and to get our Christmas tree. We mostly get our tree the day before Christmas so    that the tree lasts. longer and also to make the house smell nice.   My little brother doesn't listen so we had a pretty hard time keeping him away from the tree.  

It was almost time for bed when Asher was trying to dress the dog as a reindeer,  and the dog was running around the Christmas tree and the tree almost tipped over. I ran over to the tree so it didn't tip over. The dog was tangled up in garlin and the cat was sitting on the table looking down at the bear wondering what happened to him. The cat is named Bella and the dog is named bear. Bella is very funny and talented. She can do backflips off the wall and jump really high. She is the best cat ever.

It was finally christmas day first we had breakfast. and then we turned on christmas music and started to open presents and we went back to bed to save energy to go on a walk to the park and to go sledding. It was fun. Then we went to Walla Walla to buy supplies for making cristmas  decorations for a family christmas party.  The rest of the family came for the party because they did not want to miss it. Like who would want to miss a christmas party.

My Perfect Christmas

by Christopher Haury

My perfect Christmas was four, or five years back, we always sang next to each other, and not even one Christmas lacked. We decorated the house and counted 1,2,3 then we sing cheerfully next to the tree.We baked cookies and made lots of food we ate it all it tasted really good.My aunt came to my house, and we opened presents then we got on games we always yelled soul residence.I loved that Christmas there's no gap to that.

My second favorite Christmas was two or three years ago before my dad, and mom got a divorce.We did some things the same besides watching lots of Christmas movies, and shows. We also like to take pics under the mistletoe.Who doesn't like Christmas but the grinch we do pranks for Christmas my brothers always flinch. We loved the blocks we got we love Christmas Rock.

My favorite Christmas movie was Nightmare Before Christmas, but now it's the Christmas Chronicles.My middle brother loves the Christmas movie The Grinch.We go to a park sometimes to find sticks. I want a bike that's just what I like. My brothers and I make forts for Christmas, my brother love's shorts.I wish everyone a Merry Christmas.

My Perfect Christmas

by Peyton Kaehler

 My perfect Christmas is when the snow is falling on the ground because it is all fluffy and soft. I also love presents because you get to open a lot. We stay in our pajamas and my mom makes a big breakfast. Another thing I love is the Elf on the Shelf because he is funny and is sometimes naughty. Our elf's name is Max Mistletoe. One time, he put toilet paper all over our tree.

My perfect Christmas is when my whole family is together. Lots of relatives come over for presents and dinner. My Grammy makes lasagna which is one of my favorite dinners. We like to play games while we eat dessert.

One of my favorite things about Christmas is the tree. The colorful lights are so pretty. My Dad puts a lot of lights on our house and the fence surrounding our horses. My perfect Christmas is driving around at night looking at all the lights on all the houses.


My Perfect Christmas 

by Rowdy Cole

The tree can go over there.  The lights go there.  The Angel, where do you think it goes? On the tree.  The reindeer go on the roof, wait, no, in the yard.  Where do you think Santa and the sleigh go? In the yard with the reindeer.

Do you know why we celebrate Christmas?  I do. We celebrate Christmas because it's Jesus's birthday.  Santa if you are listening, for Christmas I would like: 500 Zip Ties, Timbersled Track and 2 Timbersled skis, and two 4ft pipes. Don't worry Santa. I will lay out a carrot, 7 candy canes and a cookie or cookies.  We have a winter program/play on 12-14-21 at 6:30pm in the HS Auditorium.

This Christmas has to be perfect.  The table can go over there.  If I could go anywhere for Christmas it would be YellowStone National Park.  If I could do anything for Christmas it would be to go to Colorado.  If I could make anything for Christmas it would be mashed potatoes.


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