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What Waitsburg Preschool students want Santa to bring them for Christmas

The Times presents its annual Holiday Edition featuring poetry, essays and letters to Santa by the students of Waitsburg Elementary School.


December 16, 2021

Waitsburg School photos

Corben, Chloe, Flint, Ember, Gracie, Myles, Jax, Elizabeth, Lynlee, Kennedy, Finley, Charlie, Maddison, Foster, Sydney, Israel, Phoenix, Kinsley, Harper, and Aiden.

Mrs. Montgomery's Preschool students answer "This Christmas I want Santa to bring me"

A magic book that can write for me.

-Elizabeth Hays

A magical teacup that can pour water, milk and orange juice for me.

-Foster Richardson

A princess toy that can sing with rings on her hands and long hair that I can brush.

-Sydney Smith

A toy cat with magical legs so I can play with her.

-Maddison Miller

A very big toy dinosaur, a racecar and a big real lizard.

-Forrest Afdahl

A police car, a monster truck and a big semi-truck like the one my dad drives to work.

-Charlie Knighton

A Spiderman toy with a venom web.

-Harper Williams

A fluffy bear, a big monster truck and a real motorcycle for my brother Ryden to ride on the road.

-Finley Huxoll

A Muppet toy.

-Chloe Abel

A purple pony.

-Gemma Pennington

A Bronco truck.

-Flint Abel

A toy store.

-Ember Adams

A pink little pony.

-Gracie Compton

A real Toyota truck.

-Myles Grende

A big train with tracks.

-Lynlee Henry

A coloring book.

-Avery Janovich

A big dollhouse

-Kennedy Henze

A little puppy.

-Israel Stahl

A new baby.

-Phoenix Stahl

A real tractor to ride with Mom.

-Kinsley Tate

A big monster truck.

-Jax Wood

A tractor with a hook on the back.

-Aiden Zuger

A car.

-Corben Brock


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