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Third Grade - Tabitha Jadin - Christmas Riddles


December 19, 2019

I am so hidden but I can be ridden. I pull a sleigh on Christmas day. What am I?

By Gus Johnson

I am on a Christmas tree. I am shiny. What am I?

By Alex Watson

I am fast, and black. I have yellow letters. I go over the frozen ocean to take kids to the North Pole for Santa to pick a kid for the first gift of Christmas, Do you know what I am?

By Braden Johnston

You can hold me.

I might have a special surprise.

I am there on Christmas.

I am wrapped up.

I can be different colors. What am I?

By Carsyn Pennington

I am a decoration.

You kiss under me.

I am green with red.

I also hang from up high.

What am I?

By Carter Barron

I ride a sleigh and I go through time. I deliver presents. Who am I?

By Cody Coulston

I am brown and have frosting. I live in a cookie house. What am I?

By David Barnhart

I’m under the tree. You open me. What can I be?

By Felicity Joy Nechodom

I am white. I am cold. I have a carrot for my nose. I also have a scarf. What can I be?

By Gage Mynear

I am a mean one and I am green. I am one that doesn’t like Christmas. Who am I?

By Harleigh Webber

I can be colorful. I hang on a Christmas tree where I can be seen. I am hung around Christmas time. What am I?

By Kyra Karl

I have 3 snowballs,

3 buttons, sticks on my shoulders, and a carrot on my face. What am I?

By Jesse Rice

We have antlers and hooves. We fly Santa’s sleigh and also eat the carrots you leave out. What are we?

By Liam Kiefel

I could be made in many ways, but I always have a carrot for a nose, rocks for eyes, buttons, and a happy or sad smile. What am I?

By Olivia Kiefel

I sit on a shelf and have a red nose. What am I?

By Peyton Kaehler

I have antlers and I do something for Santa. What am I?

By Rowdy Cole

I can help Saint Nick around the town and I have a bright nose. I can fly. Who am I?

By Sasha Mercado

I am green and I have brown on me. I have lights and ornaments. What am I?

By Stella Pearson


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