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  • Cardinals feel the Boost

    Aeryelle Gleason, The Times|Aug 24, 2023

    WAITSBURG-School spirit was in full force Monday night at Waitsburg Booster Club's Membership Drive and Community Kick-Off event. The multipurpose room at the Elementary School was packed with students, family, staff, and community members, all in support of the fall sports season for Cardinal athletes. David Long of Walla Walla DJ set the energy just right with his tasteful tunes and gave special introductions to the football, cheer, and volleyball students. Attendees enjoyed a tasty BBQ... Full story

  • New superintendent is all about shared leadership

    Mike Ferrians, The Times|Aug 24, 2023

    WAITSBURG - Waitsburg's new school chief doesn't see himself as a "top-down" kind of administrator. Think of him as being more of a round-table man. Woods came to Waitsburg from the East Wenatchee School District, where he served as the middle school Assistant Superintendent and Special Education Director for 900 students. He earned a bachelor's degree from Montana State University. His master's degree and principal and superintendent certifications came from Washington State University. He is...

  • Jim Davison acknowledged by WSSRA

    The Times|Aug 24, 2023

    DAYTON—The Dayton School Board met at 6 p.m. on August 16, 2023, in the High School library. School Board members present were Chair Jeffrey McCowen and Grant Griffen. Superintendent Rich Stewart was also present. Zac Fabian and Aneesha Dieu used Zoom to establish a quorum. One seat on the board remains vacant. The board approved the consent agenda, which included approval of prior minutes, bills, and payroll, hiring Kerry Johnson as a Title 1 Paraprofessional, and accepting the resignation of Amber McDonald as a Title 1 Paraprofessional. I...

  • At the Liberty:"Oppenheimer"

    The Times|Aug 24, 2023

    DAYTON—“Oppenheimer” is an epic thriller that thrusts audiences into the pulse-pounding paradox of the enigmatic man who must risk destroying the world in order to save it. Julius Robert Oppenheimer was an American theoretical physicist and director of the Los Alamos Laboratory during World War II. He is often credited as the “father of the atomic bomb” for his role in organizing the Manhattan Project, the research and development undertaking that created the first nuclear weapons. The film stars Cillian Murphy as J. Robert Oppenheimer and Emil... Full story

  • Waitsburg city council considers pool hazard notice

    Mike Ferrians, The Times|Aug 24, 2023

    WAITSBURG-Waitsburg City Council convened at city hall for its regular meeting on August 16, 2023. Present were Mayor Marty Dunn, council members Randy Charles, Jillian Henze, Court Rupenthal, Jim Romine, City Administrator Randy Hinchliffe, and city attorney Jared Hawkins. City attorney Jared Hawkins was also present. Member Kevin House was absent. Hinchliffe gave an update on the city's Public Hearing Capital Facilities Plan. Hinchliffe said there are minor updates from last year. The council...

  • Let's Build a Waitsburg Pool!

    Karen Huwe, The Times|Aug 24, 2023

    WAITSBURG—Efforts by The Friends of the Pool and Waitsburg Parks and Recreation have been working to raise funds to build a swimming pool in Waitsburg. Both groups have written grants, still under consideration, and held fundraisers, including the “100 for $100” and the “Luck of the Duck.” There will be three new opportunities to help raise funds for the pool in August and September. First, The Friends of the Pool will hold a community meeting on Wednesday, August 23, at the Waitsburg Elementary School library to discuss its progress and conti...

  • Benjamin Jacob Eddy and Collette Camille Jones

    The Times|Aug 24, 2023

    Benjamin Jacob Eddy & Collette Camille Jones were married on August 12, 2023 in a ceremony at Lyon's Ferry Marina. The newlyweds celebrated after the ceremony at the Royal Block in Waitsburg, Washington.... Full story

  • Prescott Pool Celebrates 65th Birthday

    Mike Ferrians, The Times|Aug 24, 2023

    PRESCOTT—On Saturday, August 26, the Prescott Pool will celebrate its 65th year with an all-day public party at the Prescott Pool. Built by the Prescott School District in 1958, the district operated the pool for 23 years until it could not continue funding. In 1981, Prescott voters approved the creation of a junior taxing district for parks and recreation. The Prescott Joint Parks and Recreation (PJPR) operates the pool and maintains park grounds with funds from an annual Maintenance and O... Full story

  • If You Own Forest Land We Can Help!

    The Times|Aug 24, 2023

    WAITSBURG—The Blue Mountain Chapter of the Washington Farm Forestry Association (WFFA) will hold its fall meeting at Stella’s Homestead, 2194 S. Fork Coppei Road. The meeting begins a 9:30 a.m. on Saturday, September 16, 2023 in “The Barn” on the property. The topic is a woods tour focusing on improving wildlife, forest health, and fisheries management. All forestland owners and interested public are welcome to attend. Special guest Ken Bevis, Department of Natural Resources (DNR) Stewardship Wildlife Biologist, will share his profess...

  • Knowledge protects kids

    The Times|Aug 24, 2023

    To the editor, Some leaders of countries, cults, & religions know that if you keep most of your people uneducated or undereducated, they are easier to control to that leader’s viewpoint. That is one of the reasons our early U.S. leaders promoted public education for all, including women. Until then, most female children did not have access to learning to read. Ignorance increases hate! Those backing the proposition to dissolve our Columbia County Rural Library will cause all of us to lose our library. What will they put in its place? I... Full story

  • No more bull

    The Times|Aug 24, 2023

    To all Columbia County Residents Hear ye, hear ye. ‘Tis time for another ballot initiative. We must forbid ranchers from buying and raising bulls. Imagine what might happen to the pure innocent minds of our Columbia County teenagers if they witnessed a bull doing what bulls are purchased to do. It boggles the mind. All kinds of possibilities enter their imaginations. These terrible thoughts must be stopped before it’s too late. Then imagine 11 months later when the calf is born but the rancher has to help with the delivery. Oh my goodness! Suc... Full story

  • Voters need accurate information

    The Times|Aug 24, 2023

    Dear Editor, Regarding the movement to dissolve the library, there’s a lot of information that isn’t being represented accurately and in its entirety. To start, I keep hearing that “after a yearlong battle, a petition to dissolve the library was the only option left,” and yet public records show the first book challenge happened in September 2022, and the first signature on the petition was in February 2023. That is not a “yearlong battle.” Furthermore, many individuals were told that this petition was to specifically address several inappropri... Full story

  • Parental controls at CCRLD are not new

    The Times|Aug 24, 2023

    DAYTON—The Columbia County Rural Library District Board met August 21 for its regular meeting at the Delaney Room. All board members were in attendance, joined by Library Director Ellen Brigham. “The Times” will publish an article covering the meeting in next week’s issue. During the meeting, Brigham was asked by Chair Jay Ball to let the audience know about an important service the library offers to any parent. This is not a new service, it has been available since the library’s system went online. Parents or caregivers can add notes to... Full story

  • Cardinal Football Gears Up for Season

    The Times|Aug 24, 2023

    WAITSBURG - The Waitsburg High School Cardinals football team will play their first home game on September 2, 2023. The Saturday night game against Touchet will be the first 8-man football game for first-year head coach Gabe Kiefel. The high school and middle school coaches and assistants have put twenty high school and ten middle school players through drills in preparation for the upcoming season. Kiefel held the first annual presentation of jerseys on Saturday, August 19. After practice,...

  • Barbie fashion is coming to WAG

    Lane Gwinn, The Times|Aug 24, 2023

    WAITSBURG - There is more to Barbie than just the new movie, though it is a must-see. There is Fashion. Since the doll came onto the market in 1959, Barbie and her friends have gone through decades of style trends in clothing, cars, houses, and accessories. On Saturday, August 26, local artist Gail Gwinn will participate in the Waitsburg Happening with a display of Barbie couture at The Waitsburg Art Garden (WAG.) There will be dolls wearing Mattel's original fashions and exceptionally well-made... Full story

  • Waitsburg newcomer joins the Abbey harvest

    Mike Ferrians, The Times|Aug 24, 2023

    WAITSBURG - When Andrew Knee and his wife, Tricia Adams-Knee, moved from Seattle to Waitsburg earlier this year, it signaled the start of a new chapter in their lives. Little did Andrew know that it would include a summer side hustle. Knee described that their search for a new home had not been straight-line process. Having decided to move to the Walla Walla Valley, looking online at homes for sale, Andrew would show Tricia a house in Walla Walla. "She would say, 'Oh, that's nice.' Then she...

  • Cruzin' in Prescott

    The Times|Aug 24, 2023

    PRESCOTT - Since its first car show about ten years ago, the Cruzin' Prescott Car Show has grown from nine to over sixty cars. The event, held on August 19 was a community affair, with over twenty volunteers. Over the years, the car show outgrew the local park and moved to the elementary school across the street. This year, car enthusiasts had plenty of shade under the trees to eat hotdogs, listen to music and stroll the grounds looking at a variety of vehicles....


    The Times|Aug 24, 2023

    Ten Years Ago August 22, 2013 For those who are familiar with Markeeta Little Wolf’s unique personal style, the way she views her garden should come as no surprise. “It’s like the way I dress,” she said during a recent interview at her home on Fourth Street. “Cowboy boots and a silk dress. Not everyone would dress like that. But I know what looks good on me.” As part of their monthly meeting Saturday, 20 members of the Waitsburg Garden Club toured the former entertainer’s lush landscape a f... Full story

  • Times in Cleveland

    The Times|Aug 24, 2023

    Erin and Nathanial Murphy of Waitsburg took their copy of the Times to Ohio for a family reunion and took the newspaper on a brief tour of Cleveland.... Full story

  • Times in Saratoga x 2

    The Times|Aug 24, 2023

    Paul Gregutt took time out from his busy Waitsburg schedule of writing and music to take a day at the races in Saratoga New York.... Full story

  • Peach Cobbler

    Luke Chavez, The Times|Aug 24, 2023

    My favorite dessert recipes are those which rely on a combination of ripe, seasonal fruits with a few simple pantry ingredients to make culinary magic. This summer, after patiently waiting for three years, our young peach tree has finally produced a bounty of perfect fruit. Looking for a way to highlight their distinctive sweetness I decided to stick with the iconic homey southern classic, peach cobbler. Tossed with just the right amount of sugar and spice, slices of fresh peaches are baked...

  • The Friendly Forest

    Jimmye L. Turner, The Times|Aug 24, 2023

    Full story