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No more bull


August 24, 2023

To all Columbia County Residents

Hear ye, hear ye. ‘Tis time for another ballot initiative. We must forbid ranchers from buying and raising bulls. Imagine what might happen to the pure innocent minds of our Columbia County teenagers if they witnessed a bull doing what bulls are purchased to do. It boggles the mind.  All kinds of possibilities enter their imaginations. These terrible thoughts must be stopped before it’s too late.

Then imagine 11 months later when the calf is born but the rancher has to help with the delivery. Oh my goodness! Such a scene would scar the mind of any teenager forever.  We cannot allow this to happen again.  I’m sure God is on our side.

We must act quickly because Election Day is coming soon and this is probably the most important item ever voted on in this county.  Line up those signatures and get the ball rolling.

Bob Robertus

Dayton, Wash.


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