By Karen Huwe
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November 30, 2023

Karen Huwe

Darita "Dari" Williams

WAITSBURG - Her love of poinsettias shows when speaking about her years of enjoyment, nurturing them to bloom year after year.

Darita "Dari" Williams has had poinsettias over her 43 years of marriage. She is now the proud owner of a poinsettia tree that she acquired in 2019. With proper care, the plant's leaves turn from green to red to become a flower in November.

Most poinsettias enjoyed during the Christmas season become unattractive after two to three months and are often thrown away. Consider keeping your plants this season to see if they will bloom next year.

Williams suggests keeping the plant in a sunny window for at least six hours daily. Never allow the plant to get dry and wilt; the potting should stay evenly moist. Too much water will make the leaves turn yellow. With proper care, you can enjoy poinsettias year-round.

Dari is Waitsburg's "poinsettia guru," so don't hesitate to ask her for advice on caring for your plant.


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