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Walla Walla Democratic party endorsements


WALLA WALLA – The elected and appointed Precinct Committee Officers (PCOs) of the Walla Walla County Democratic party have endorsed candidates in the 2022 election:

5th Congressional District — Natasha Hill

16th WA Legislative District, Pos. 2 — Jan Corn

16th WA Legislative District, Pos. 1 — Jeff Strickler

Walla Walla County Commissioners, 3rd District. — John Haid

Walla Walla Prosecuting Attorney — Michelle Morales

Walla Walla County Auditor — Marjorie Denton Sanborn

“These are outstanding people who will improve public service, represent Walla Walla and Eastern Washington effectively, and have a seat at the table when budgets and policies are decided,“ said Kari Isaacson, Chair. “We look forward to working hard for them, and seeing them ultimately elected. There’s hope for people concerned about the rule of law, women’s right to selfhood, preserving alternative energy and climate change, child care and economic issues that affect our everyday lives. These are real issues with real answers from the Democratic Party.”

For more information about the local Democratic Party contact the Chair at


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