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Bluewood announces Peter Korfiatis as general manager


October 14, 2021

DAYTON—Bluewood announces Peter Korfiatis as the ski area’s new general manager, effective immediately. With a lifelong love of skiing and nearly a decade of experience in mountain managerial roles at Mammoth Mountain Ski Area, Korfiatis has returned to Washington State, where he was born and raised.

“We are pleased and excited for Bluewood to welcome Pete to our family,” says Mike Stephenson, managing partner of the Bluewood ownership group. “He brings a huge wealth of knowledge and experience in the snow sports industry.”

Korfiatis filled the position previously held by Kim Clark, Bluewood’s general manager from July 2014 until he died unexpectedly of an apparent heart attack on the mountain on August 31, 2021.

“Kim brought Bluewood a long way, and he was a great manager. We’re certainly going to miss him,” says Kirk Bair, who is also a managing partner of the Bluewood ownership group. “Good things are continuing to happen at Bluewood, though, and guests can be excited about the potential ahead.”

Stephenson agrees: “I’ve been impressed with Pete’s desire to continue what Bluewood has always been striving for, which is to take the area to the next level.”

“I appreciate the smaller feel that comes with an independently owned mountain,” Korfiatis says. “The staff here is awesome. It’s clear they have a passion for the mountains and an extensive history with Bluewood, and I look forward to learning all I can from them. I’m also happy with the current ownership group and their investment in this place. I know they want Bluewood to keep growing and expanding. I want to make sure all of the things that Kim started come to fruition and that this mountain continues to be a place where you bring your family, and you have a great time.”

Before returning to his roots in Washington State a year ago, Korfiatis held several managerial positions at Mammoth Mountain in California. Most recently, as senior director of guest experience, he managed a multimillion-dollar budget and trained a team of managers and department heads on enhancing the mountain experience for guests. He was also a mountain manager on duty, overseeing all daily operations from opening to closing.

Before that, Korfiatis was Mammoth’s director of athletics and events, overseeing the race department and team operations, managing large-scale events, working with schools, and raising funds through the community foundation.

“My jobs at Mammoth entailed cultivating a culture of guests first, seamless transitions, and genuine experiences that created fans of the mountain environment,” Korfiatis says. “I value my previous experience at a large mountain and know that’s going to help me here at Bluewood. At the same time, staying true to Bluewood’s identity is first and foremost.”

Korfiatis’ experience also includes years of alpine racing and coaching. From 2007 to 2012, he held various coaching positions for the United States Ski and Snowboard Association. He coached the Men’s Europa Cup Team, the Men’s World Cup Speed Team, and the Men’s World Cup Technical Team, leading athletes to two World Cup podiums and other wins. He also coached the U.S. Men’s Alpine Ski Team for the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Games, where Bode Miller won gold, Andrew Weibrecht won bronze, and the team took first, second and third in the slalom portion of the combined event.

Born and raised in Wenatchee, Wash., Korfiatis grew up skiing at Mission Ridge and was on their race team. He remembers his first time skiing at Bluewood around age 10.

“It was snowing, and there was a ton of it,” he says. “I remember being shocked at the amount of terrain. All these little undulations and drops in and amongst the trees. If you know how to piece it together, it’s one of the greatest little mountains out there. I’m pretty stoked to experience it as an adult, honestly.”

Korfiatis’ wife, Carolyn, is from Walla Walla, Wash., and grew up skiing at Bluewood. She was a racer on the Bluewood Blazers team, now called the Bluewood Alpine Race Team (BART).

Korfiatis and his wife currently live in Walla Walla with their two young sons.


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