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Six Minutes to midnight


This film is set in a boarding school for German girls (which actually existed on the English coast). In the summer of 1939, influential families in Nazi Germany have sent their daughters to the finishing school to learn the language and be ambassadors for the future. Judi Dench is the British headmistress at the school, and one teacher has disappeared. Another teacher, a British spy (Eddie Izzard), is sent to replace him. He sees what is coming and is trying to raise the alarm. But the authorities believe he is the problem.

Showings are May 7-11, Friday and Saturday at 7:30 pm, Sunday at 3:00 pm, and Tuesday at 6:30 pm (not 7:30). This film is rated as PG-13 for some violence, with a runtime of 99 minutes.

The Liberty Theater has recently had some issues with children’s behavior in the balcony, which has caused safety concerns and required lots of clean-up. For safety and insurance reasons we currently do not allow anyone under 13 in the front row, and we do not allow anyone under 13 elsewhere in the balcony without a parent. This is not a new policy, but recent events make it necessary to bring it to your attention.


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