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Community members issue boredom-combating challenges


Tracy Thompson

Good news chalk art spotted in Walla Walla.

WAITSBURG-Waitsburg residents are refusing to let the quarantine boredom get the best of them. Over the weekend, a few community members issued community-wide challenges, finding creative ways to encourage social-distancing approved exercise.

Matthew and Krystal Wyatt went live on Facebook last week and challenged the community to use sidewalk chalk and decorate the areas in front of their house with encouraging messages. If you don't have a sidewalk, a driveway would do just fine! When the weather shapes up, grab some sidewalk chalk, get some fresh air, and tap into your artistic side!

The Wyatt's also painted "Ten Ton" rocks and hid them throughout town. Take a walk, stretch your legs, stay at least six feet away from other people, and search high and low for a chance to win a prize! Hints will be posted on Facebook, via the Helping Hands of Waitsburg forum.

Another resident encouraged Waitsburgonians to place teddy bears in their window for a community-wide "bear hunt." Families are encouraged to look for the bears while out on walks or driving around, complying with social distancing guidelines. The first weekend was a hit, with more than 50 houses placing bears and other plush animals in their windows. A scavenger hunt is being planned for the weekend, so be sure to check the Helping Hands of Waitsburg Facebook page for hints and rules.

During these hard times, it is important to stock up on creativity, compassion and patience; not just toilet paper, flour and Clorox. Have a boredom-combating challenge you'd like to issue to the community? Send an email to


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