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Thankful thoughts from Dayton

To the Editor: Thanksgiving is a time to be appreciative, grateful, and thankful. It is a time to reflect on what we are thankful for. I often say a silent prayer of thanks for my life in Dayton, an area, with a few exceptions, that doesn’t have... Full story


Support for Amy Schwab for Walla Walla Port Commissioner

If the vision that launched Lions Club International (LCI) in 1917 still applies to local Lions Clubs across America, it surely applies to the Waitsburg Lions Club. Formed in 1940 as a chapter of LCI, Waitsburg’s Lions have been a stable element...


Spring for Port Commissioner

Letter to the Editor We believe that Mike Spring is the best choice for Columbia County Port Commission, position #2, due to his extensive leadership, business, and community service experience: Mike has been the fire chief in La Grande, College... Full story


Support for House

Dear Editor, I wholeheartedly support Christy House’s candidacy for the Waitsburg School Board. Christy’s intimate knowledge of the Waitsburg community and the unique culture of the Waitsburg School District, combined with her experience as the... Full story


History with House

Letter to Editor Experience matters on the Waitsburg School Board. Having been a librarian, a preschool teacher/parent educator for the Walla Walla Community College, and a music teacher, I feel it is very important to vote for Christy House in the n...


Waitsburg Resource Center plan Christmas baskets and Kid goody bags

WAITSBURG—The Waitsburg Resource Center is gearing up for its annual Christmas baskets for the community. If you want to participate by donating or receiving a basket, visit the food bank, the Waitsburg Christian Church, or the Presbyterian church... Full story


Support for House and Ruppenthal

There are two incumbent candidates that I think deserve to be re-elected: Court Ruppenthal for Waitsburg City Council and Christie House for Waitsburg School Board.  Both have shown their ability to serve with open minds, common sense, and a deep... Full story


Bishop for Waitsburg City Council

Dear Waitsburg Community: My friend Jennifer Bishop is running for City Council. I’d like to tell you a little bit about her, and encourage you to join me in giving Jennifer the vote. She has my full support, and I think she will be a great advocat... Full story


Vote for the Pool, vote for Prop 1

To the Editor: I join with you and your publication that this community, Columbia County, NEEDS a public swimming pool. Community members have been working hard since the closure of our beloved pool after the 2017 season. We are SO close! This fall,... Full story


In support of age-appropriate books that navigate difference

To the editor, I feel that I must respond to a recent letter to the editor that stated a personal opinion about the book “Our Skin…” and stated that in that person’s opinion, “children do not even notice skin color.” I know, respect, and...


Lawsuit would deny opportunity to vote

To the Editor: My library file dates back to 2005. Letters to the editor, as is mine, are combinations of opinions and facts.  • For approximately 70 years, the City of Dayton operated the Dayton Memorial Library supported by city taxpayers....


Library reality

To the Editor, A video from a private anti-library Facebook group emerged the other day. In it, Pro-dissolution spokesperson, Jessica Ruffcorn makes several false claims. The worst of these is that dissolving the CCRLD and shuttering the library are... Full story


Vote NO on Prop 2

Dear Editor, This is a letter of support for the Columbia County Library staying open! The group of people that would have it closed have offered zero evidence of any child ever being harmed by the library, its books, the library board, or the...


Fire District No. 2 Thanks Voters for Levy Support

Dear Fire District 2 Residents of Waitsburg and Walla Walla County, We are absolutely thrilled to extend our deepest gratitude to each and every one of you who cast your votes in favor of the levy lid lift for District 2. With these new funds, our... Full story


Vote NO on Prop 2

Letter to the Editor, I am concerned about the current situation with our library. It makes no sense to me that anyone would want to close such a valuable resource in our county. When the first petition to close the library showed up at the Senior... Full story


Knowledge protects kids

To the editor, Some leaders of countries, cults, & religions know that if you keep most of your people uneducated or undereducated, they are easier to control to that leader’s viewpoint. That is one of the reasons our early U.S. leaders promoted... Full story


No more bull

To all Columbia County Residents Hear ye, hear ye. ‘Tis time for another ballot initiative. We must forbid ranchers from buying and raising bulls. Imagine what might happen to the pure innocent minds of our Columbia County teenagers if they... Full story


Voters need accurate information

Dear Editor,  Regarding the movement to dissolve the library, there’s a lot of information that isn’t being represented accurately and in its entirety. To start, I keep hearing that “after a yearlong battle, a petition to dissolve the library... Full story


Libraries are places for self exploration

One does not admire the person who attends the Community Picnic and spits in the spaghetti sauce. It reminds us of the pesky kid we all knew who would play Monopoly until it was clear that winning was not a possibility for him, and who would... Full story


Dayton's library is a much needed family resource

Dear Editor, Our library is a very important resource for us. Personally, the library is our only computer and our only copy machine. My daughter walks to our library at least twice per week. She checks out DVDs and books very often. Her favorite...


Message from a WSD Board candidate

To the Waitsburg School District voters, My name is Tia Hays. I am running for Waitsburg School Board member because I love our community and want to support the kids in our district. I have 3 children in our district currently; a 1st grader, a 6th... Full story


Shutting the Library Will Solve Nothing

On a recent morning, in the interest of journalistic research, I typed the words “gender curious books for kids” into the Google search box on my phone. The first listing that came up was for a...


Support for a staple of the community

Editor, I am very concerned over the unrest with the Columbia County Rural Library District and the petition to dissolve the rural library district. Our library serves many people in our community of all ages. I do realize that there is an issue... Full story


A roundtable to supports everyone's ideas

Can this really be happening? I’m talking about the petition to close our beloved, free public library. Are there better ways to solve our differences than to go to extremes? Why would we want to emulate dictators in other countries who suppress... Full story


Libraries are more than books

To the editor: I would like to address the proposed dissolution of the Columbia County Rural Library District. It is only from a privileged place that one could say a library is unnecessary, and it is a narrow view that only sees a building with... Full story


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