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Dayton School Board meeting disruption

Letter to the editor: As a member of the Dayton School Board, I would like to address the September 15 meeting at which no business was conducted after it was disrupted by a candidate for the School Board, Aneesha Dieu. The Washington State School... Full story


Support for Zoller

Dear Editor, People are quick to believe the bad things they hear about good people. Never has this been more evident. In the last three years I have seen adults I once respected, actively spread rumors and gossip online. They do this because... Full story


Mask mandate defiance discouraging

Letter to the Editor I have noticed that a number of local shops have discontinued wearing masks and have removed the signs mandating the wearing of masks in public buildings, shops stores, etc. This flagrant defiance of the current law is very...


In support of Korinda Wallace

To the Editor, I am writing this letter in support of Korinda Wallace for Dayton School Board District. It has been my pleasure to work with Ms. Wallace since this last spring as we organized the Columbia County Conservatives. Ms. Wallace moved here...


Vaccinations help keep hospital beds, schools available

To the Editor: Dr. James Worthy, a Texas physician addressing a shortage of hospital beds due to non-vaccinated covid variant patients, said that he dislikes the term “elective surgery” because it sounds like “a mere tummy tuck” issue rather...


Vaccinations should be personal choice

Dear Editor, On Wednesday, August 18, 2021 the Governor of Washington decided to make a decision for most workers residing in the state of Washington: mandating COVID vaccinations. Vaccinations are an extremely personal choice, and they SHOULD be....


In support of Zoller for Dayton City Council, Position #5

To the Editor, I am writing to express my support for Vicki Zoller as a write-in candidate for Dayton City Council Position #5. I’ve gotten to know Vicki pretty well, working with her on various projects and committees over the last few years....


Rights and freedoms or public safety

Letter to the Editor, At the last Waitsburg School Board meeting, someone was quoted saying that the mask mandate is “harmful against rights and freedoms”.  It is harmful to my rights and freedoms that it is mandatory that I stop for red... Full story



Letter to the Editor Recently the residents of Columbia County received a one-page mailer about the Touchet Valley Trail. That mailer was written, printed, and mailed by the Friends of the Trail, a group of local citizens that supports the trail.... Full story


Speak with Conviction and Civility

Letter to the Editor I was present at last Thursday’s school board meeting. As anticipated, there were some there who voiced strong opposition the governor’s mask mandate. The view was expressed that the Waitsburg School Board should vote to... Full story


Compliments to Beka

Dear Editor, I want to give kudos to the wonderful photography and articles by Beka Compton. I live in Seattle and have friends in Waitsburg, so I enjoy subscribing to The Times in an effort to keep up with what’s going on in their world. Beka... Full story


Letter from WSD Superintendent

Dear Waitsburg School District Families, It’s hard to believe that we are a little over a month away from starting the new school year. The first day of school for Waitsburg students is Tuesday, September 7th. With the guidelines for schools and... Full story



WALLA WALLA—This past session, the Washington State legislature passed multiple bills addressing “police reform” following various tragic police events that have occurred in other cities around the nation. In May, Governor Inslee signed...


Welcome to new pastor

To the Editor, We invited the Christian Church to join us for our 4th of July worship at Waitsburg Presbyterian. This last Sunday, the 25th, we were invited to join them for their service. This has been a taste of the past. Years ago our...


Remembering an awesome sister

Remembering my awesome Sister, Pam Conover on her birthday July 30. I usually came to Waitsburg on her birthday. So enjoyed spending the day with her and her friends on her special day. Love and miss...


commissioner says thank you to CWWFD2

Over the last two years, I have had the pleasure of serving as one of the six Fire Commissioners for Columbia Walla Walla Fire District 2. Many of you know, better than I, about the long history of community members volunteering for the Waitsburg... Full story


Suspicious activity must stop

To the Editor, Recently, I have had a series of incidents at my home in Waitsburg. Someone has been knocking on the door, going into the backyard from the alley and trying to peek through the window late at night. I want this person to knock it off...


Time to reemerge, reconnect and revitalize our city

I remember how vibrant and alive Waitsburg was when I was a kid. I remember my sister and I riding our horses into town to get ice cream from the Delta Connection and having dinner at the White...


A reminder to protect pets in cars and on walks

Dear Editor, Several items have been seen regarding animals getting burned feet from hot pavement yet folks are still observed walking their pets, sometimes in mid-day on the hot concrete and asphalt--or even leaving them in the hot metal bed of a...



To the editor, Here we are, at the beginning of what could prove to be worst wildfire season ever and the world’s best firefighting tool sits unused and not ready to go because of decisions made by the US Forest Service and states not to use it....


Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor, The past year and a half has been an eye opening experience for me; I have learned that straying away from the pushed narrative, thinking for myself, and getting opinions or advice from other sources is considered dangerous, resulting... Full story


Time to reinvest in local commentary

Some may have read this article in the June 13th issue of the Union-Bulletin: Local newspapers can help reduce polarization with opinion pages that focus on local issues. It was written by Matthew P. Hitt of Colorado State University. He states, “W... Full story


Support of two Waitsburg Candidates

Dear Editor: Communication is key for city council candidate Henze You just couldn't make up Jillian Henze; she seems rare as an ostrich in winter wheat. Her well-earned attributes just keep building... Full story


Support for Waitsburg candidate Henze

Dear Editor, My husband and I are writing in support of Jillian Henze’s campaign for city council. We worked with Jillian during the flood efforts last year, and we were very impressed with the team work, dedication, and leadership qualities that...


in Support of City assets

Dear Editor I am Twila Johnson-Tate, a new resident to Waitsburg. Imagine my surprise when I received the Walla Walla valley Visitor Guide, which listed Waitsburg as a place to visit. The magazine featured lively and inviting images of outdoor... Full story


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