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Successfully shaking up some fun and funds


Tarah McCaw

The seven Amazing Shake qualifiers , wrapped up the night with expressing their thanks and gratitude to everyone who came to support them. (l-r) Verbena McLaughlin, Jaylynn Gleason, Olivia Kiefel, Carter Barron, Wyatt Parish, Chloe McCaw, Lily Carpenter.

WAITSBURG - There were oodles of noodles, desserts to die for, and captivating talent on full display at Waitsburg Elementary School's Spaghetti Feed Fundraiser on Monday evening. The event kicked off with Superintendent David Woods blessing the audience with his acoustic country singing.

While families and guests enjoyed their dinner, they watched giddy elementary students perform their song and dance routines. Paraeducator Marshall Nechodom put on a unique performance playing a didgeridoo, followed by Mongolian throat singing.

In between sets, the seven Amazing Shake participants took turns auctioning off over 20 desserts they baked for the event. The dessert auction alone raised over $2,400. The fundraiser was hosted by the Amazing Shake students, their families, and the school chaperones.

When all was said and done, there was no doubt how the community felt about these students reaching their fundraising goals. In total, $5,000 was raised for the trip to Atlanta, Georgia. 

The students expressed sincere gratitude for the contributions and support received throughout the night.

The kids still need your help to make their fundraising goal of $14,000. The Shake Trip organizers will host a Fun Family Night on Monday, March 11 between 4 and 7 p.m. There will be plenty of games, inflatables, and food at Preston Hall Middle School to support the students, raise funds, and have fun.


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