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Wine of the Week

So-called Dry January is upon us, as it has been since it was introduced about a decade ago. The concept is to eliminate or dramatically reduce your alcohol consumption for the month. And the wine industry recognizes that trend by offering a growing number of alcohol-free options.

Are they as good as non-alcoholic beer? I leave that decision up to you. But for wine, your best options are sparkling wines and the occasional tart, dry white wine by Fre. Their website, has an informative website with answers to questions about alcohol-free wines as well as profiles of their wide-ranging lineup. Among the many options, I’ll point you toward the Sparkling Brut and Sauvignon Blanc. Reduced calories (45 – 70 per 8-ounce pour) and low prices ($9 for still wines,  $10 for the bubbly) are among the advantages. These wines are technically dry, but the fruit brings an impression of sweetness, and the absence of alcohol throws the balance off and puts a hole in the mid-palate. The Brut somewhat compensates with its carbonation and the Sauv Blanc with sharper acidity. There is also a drinkable Fre Rosé that would be a good choice for a mocktail mixer. Best of all, by the time you read this, dry January will almost be over!


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