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Wenda Parr's Second Grade Winter Haikus


December 14, 2023

Waitsburg School District

Wenda Parr's Second Grade Winter Haikus


Snow is falling down.

I play with my family.

We drink hot cocoa.

by Carmine Pastorino


Snow is cold and white.

Snowflakes, icy and frosty.

Family, friends, play.

by Quill McLaughlin


Light snow is falling.

Christmastime is coming soon.

The snow is freezing.

by Jace Jadin

Winter Season

Winter comes with frost.

Christmas is chilly and cold.

I skate on the ice.

by Ethan Grabinski

Cold Winter

It is cold outside.

Warm and cozy in the house.

Baking with my mom.

by Marcus Reynolds


A blizzard comes through.

Ice is very slippery.

Building a snowman.

by Cash Grende

Santa is Com...

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