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Eleanora Montgomery's Waitsburg Pre Schoolers send Santa their lists

Waitsburg students share holiday cheer

This Christmas I want Santa to bring me.

A big racecar, a monster truck and a four-wheeler that is all I want for Christmas.

Axel Stenson

A big rocking horse and a monster truck that I can drive around my house.

Adilynn Knighton

A book, an alligator and lots of presents.

Bryson French

A Monster truck launcher with fifty-monster cars.

Emmett Kibler

A real train, a real tiger, and a fishing pole.

Ethan Hays

A remote control racecar and a Megalodon monster truck with a remote control.

Jesse Giacalone

A remote control jeep and some kind of monster truck like Max-D

Lane Eastman

A four-wheeler, a monster truck, a nerf gun and a remote control tank.

Landon Long

A remote control monster truck, a racecar and a reindeer.

Mac Melcher

A pink unicorn with a horn and pink wings and a new Barbie with batteries.

Tegan Huxoll

An electric motorcycle and a Hulu loop.

Legend Richards

A big truck and Peppa pig.

Rhett Elsey

Lots of color logos and cupcakes with pink sprinkles

Jane Ely

A drone and a monster truck with a remote control

James Griffin

A piano, a Star Belly Dream Lite and my own kitchen.

Lillian Cole

Bluey toys, a bunny and a fan for my room.

Harley Childers

A plane with big wings

Soren Schavrien

A doll with pink hair and for my brother Jimmy a dinosaur.

Everleigh Watson

Lots of toys and a big, big T-Rex.

Bode Brannock

Monster trunks and a big boy bike.

Asher Richards

A big, big fire truck.

Lowden Henze

Mickey Mouse toys.

Pierce Henze

A space ship and a dinosaur.

Abe Wright

A new red puppy with batteries

Joanna Giacalone

A magic wand and a Barbie.

Kenzie McNicol

A big pink bear, a pink doll and a pink kitten.

Kimber Hofer


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