By Lane Gwinn
The Times 

Dayton makes The Nation


August 10, 2023

Courtesy photo

Cover of "The Nation" magazine for August 2/28, 2023, featuring story about library wars in the U.S.

DAYTON-"The Nation," a weekly magazine, published "The Small-Town Library That Became a Culture War Battleground," an article chronicling recent history and current efforts to defund the only public library in Columbia County.

Over the past months, Reporter Sasha Abramsky interviewed community members who hope to defund the Rural Library Tax District and those fighting to retain the institution. The article puts Columbia County's issues in context with similar efforts nationwide. Where other communities are struggling with efforts to ban or restrict access to books within their libraries, the Dayton Library is in danger of being shut down altogether.

The article is available in print and online at


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