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Zaniac Show at Liberty Theater


Karen Huwe

Alex Zerbe brought his energetic prop comedy to The Liberty Theater.

DAYTON-The Touchet Valley Arts Council (TVAC), with sponsorship from The Club and Dayton Memorial Library, brought Alex Zerbe and his Zaniac Comedy Show to the Liberty Theater on June 20.

Zerbe joked and laughed as he entertained a theater full of children with his signature non-stop energy, zany tricks, magic, and juggling. The kids were awe-struck by his seemingly impossible tricks, including juggling a bowling ball and knives on a balance board.

In another, a favorite of his youthful audience, he sent a beach ball through hula hoops into a net with an electric air blower.

Interacting with the audience, he high-fived kids with a gigantic hand prop and engaged kids throughout the show. While he loves the kids' reactions when he juggles fire, he uses his performances in person and online to share many weird and wacky skills with kids and parents.

According to the entertainer's website,, Zerbe had been voted Seattle's Funniest Prop Comedian.


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