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Waitsburg Booster Club is back!


January 26, 2023


Ross Hamann is President of the Waitsburg Booster.

WAITSBURG-The purpose of a booster club is to provide support, funds for student activities, equipment, and expenses not covered by the district. The Waitsburg Booster Club has a long history as a very active and robust organization. It has been a registered 501(c)3 non-profit since 1999.

Club President Ross Hamann has led the organization for over twenty years and said past projects include the press box at the high school football field, banners, painting the gym floor, providing crossing guard uniforms, and fundraising.

He described the club's past participation as having hundreds of members. The core members were most often the parents of students enrolled in the middle and high schools. The parents and family members took very active roles in fundraising and assisting activities. Most members came from the community who participated in fundraising and funded the club through dues.

Participation at the club waned after the Waitsburg and Dayton schools created the DW Combine. The two school districts struggled with integrating athletic cultures, and parents and community members were less inclined to combine booster activities.

Since the Dayton School District withdrew from the combine last year, Harmann has seen a surge of support for rebuilding the Waitsburg Booster Club.

"There is a lot of enthusiasm, and people are ready to go," said Hamann.

Meetings will be held at the high school's Home Economics room on the first Tuesday of each month beginning on February 7 at 6:30 p.m.

Harmann and the club's treasurer, Becky Harshman, continued to maintain the club's non-profit status, allowing the club to return to business immediately. They welcome parents and community members to come to the meetings and get involved in supporting Waitsburg students and athletes.


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