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Deanna Coulston's Fourth Grade class share what they love about Christmas

One thing I like about Christmas is you get a lot of presents. Another thing is hot cocoa because I love chocolate. I also like cookies because they are very good. Stockings are fun because you get candy and I love candy. Santa is another thing I like because he gives you presents and I love opening presents.

By Alex Weis

Here are some things I like about Christmas. The first thing is I like stockings because I like to see what is inside of them. The second thing I like is the Elf on the Shelf because I like to look for them in the morning. The third thing I really like is hot chocolate because it's hot and it is chocolate. The fourth thing I like is reindeers because they are really cute and they are Santa's pets.

By Ava McCaw

Christmas is a special time of the year, and it wouldn't be Christmas without... family because if I had no one to share Christmas with I'd be sad. Also, it needs snow because if there is no snow how can kids have fun? I also like getting buried under snow because I like to have some fun with it. Finally, presents are an important part of the holiday because what would Christmas be without presents? And that is what Christmas means to me.

By Gannon Pennington

What I like about Christmas is all the presents that you get. It's just so fun opening all those gifts. I also like Elf on the Shelf because every morning you have to find him. Also all the snow and sledding and snowboarding and stuff like that. That is what I like about Christmas.

By Kacen Hubbard

There are lots of important things about Christmas. Presents are very important for Christmas.  I love opening big presents most. I also love hot chocolate. Mostly with a little milk. And it wouldn't be Christmas without Santa. Lastly, I really like having fires on Christmas. Those are things that make Christmas.

By Liam Vasquez

Christmas means a lot of things to me but here are a few of those things. One thing it means is family because Christmas wouldn't really mean anything without them. It also means presents because I like to get new stuff.  Another thing it means is stockings because I get a lot of fun stuff. Christmas time means snowmobiling and that's fun because once in a while we stop and go sledding. That's some stuff Christmas means to me but there's lots more. 

By Rylan Struckmeier

I love Christmas because it's my 2nd favorite holiday and here are the reasons why. I love having milky eggnog because it's the best drink ever. Another reason is I love decorating the Christmas tree because trying to hide mine on the back of the Christmas tree is awesome.  Then the ham is so good too. Christmas is about St. Nicholas. Finally, the presents are the main reason I like Christmas.

By Robert Chavez

Christmas is the best time of the year. First, on Santa day I love to put ornaments on the tree. Ornaments make the tree look way better. Also, on Christmas I like to put up twinkly lights. It also looks very interesting. To sum it all up, the very last thing I like is Santa because of presents. Those are some of the things that Christmas means to me.

By Emerson Kiefel

Christmas is around the corner, and here are some things that make it special to me. First thing is drinking warm hot cocoa after having a snowball fight cold in the snow. Next one is opening presents with my family around the beautiful tree. My last one is spending time with family and friends. As you can see, Christmas is an amazing holiday.

By Murdoch McLaughlin

There are lots of important things about the winter day. For example... I like stockings, candy, Elf on the Shelf, Santa and more. One thing is presents along with love. I enjoy playing in the snow and sledding. I like all things, but my favorite is presents. Finally, this month of the year is the happiest time of the year to me.

By Wyatt Parrish

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas! One thing that is important about the holiday season is family. Family is important because you share Christmas with them. Another thing important about this fun holiday is my mom's sweets. She makes the best chocolate covered cherries and sugar cookies ever!!! Something that is also important to me is hamburgers. They are our traditional Christmas dinner. The last one I'll put is Jesus. He is important because it  is his birthday. As you can see, Christmas is super special to me.

By Katherine Roberts 

Christmas is an important holiday. One reason is because we get presents. The presents are always fun to open! And Christmas is never complete without hot chocolate! Hot chocolate with marshmallows! One other thing is that Christmas has to have snow! Snow is fun to play in! The last thing the winter holiday needs is an Elf on the self. How else is Santa supposed to know if you've been bad or good without an elf? These are the things Christmas needs to have!

By Wyatt Vasquez

Christmas is a very important time of the year. Here are some of the things I like about Christmas. First, I like the family gathering. Next, I like the presents under the Christmas tree. Yay. Next, I like chocolate fudge. It is so good. Yum. Also I love eggnog. It is so good. If you do not like eggnog, I do not like you. Unless you're my brother, Oliver, then it's cool. But he can be a pain; it's a down side to him. As you can see I love Christmas.

By Owen Harvey

There are a lot of important things about Christmas. It isn't Christmas without eggnog because it tastes good. Christmas is spending time with my family. Christmas is fun because you can go on the sled. Christmas is fun when we get presents from my grandpa.      

By Bentley Hill

I like Christmas. It means a lot to me, but I am only going to tell you a few. I like ham. I like ham because it tastes good. I also like my family and they like me too. I also like my friends. I like to play with them. I also like to have presents under the tree because I like to have toys. Christmas is special to me in so many ways.

By Oliver Harvey

Christmas is a very important day. Here are some things I love. One is that my Grandma's muffins are the best because they're blueberry. Also my Grandpa's cake is almost the best because it's gooey. One of my favorites is mom's turkey is one of the best because it's good. Also Dad on the other hand is the best toy buyer in the town.

By TJ Hollingsworth

Christmas is my favorite holiday. I like sledding the best! Also I like having a lot of presents... I like presents because I get cars, tech decks, and shirts. Another reason is Santa is coming with his elves. I get to find them. Lastly, I like looking at Christmas lights. Then Santa flies away.

By Jace Grende

Christmas is a special time of the year. I love to open my presents. Also, my elf goes to the North Pole. Another thing is I get to decorate my Christmas tree and I get to go sledding with my cousin. I ride horses in the snow and I get to go to my stepmom's mom's house and I get to open my presents there.  One last thing is I get to spend time with family.  

By Haven Henry

There are many important things about Christmas. One thing is cousins. I love spending time with my cousin on Christmas. She's the best.  Another thing is buying other people gifts. I like buying other people gifts because I like being nice. I also like buying my teacher gifts. Also I love riding horses in the snow. I like riding horses in the snow because my horse is my best friend. Sometimes I will ride her for hours! Lastly and most importantly my family.  I love my family so much. They are the best and I don't know what I would do without them.  For all these reasons, you can see why Christmas is so special to me.       

By Jaylynn Gleason

What Christmas means to me. Holiday time is very important to me! One thing that I like about Christmas is you get to spend time with your family. I like to spend time with them, because we get to have a bunch of fun together! Another thing that is important to me is you get to celebrate Jesus' birthday. I like to celebrate his birthday because he is the healer of all and forgives you for what you have done wrong. Finally the last thing that is important to me is getting presents. I like to get presents because it is very heartwarming to see what new stuff you got! I love Christmas very much, it is the best holiday besides Easter, Halloween and my birthday! I love everything about Holiday time! Christmas wouldn't be the same without celebrating these things!      

By Shylo Hedges.   

Christmas is about family and what do with your family. We like to play in the snow and build a snowman. My family and I play games with hot chocolate. We love to open presents at the end of the day. We love Christmas so much. This is what Christmas means to us.

By Nick Reger


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