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Christmas Riddles from Tabitha Jadin's Third Graders


December 22, 2022

I am covered in wrapping paper.

I sit under the Christmas tree until Christmas starts.

Lots of kids unwrap me on Christmas day.

What am I?

-Syrenity Richardson

I hang on the fireplace.

I am soft.

Santa fills me with gifts and we take the things out on Christmas.

What am I?

-Kaitlynn Miller

I have beautiful wings.

I wear a dress or a robe.

I bring peace and harmony.

I make friends with many animals.

Who am I?

-Oneika Bye

I am white.

I fall from the sky.

You can build a snowman with me.

What am I?

-Hudson Lynch

It has bells on it.

It has reindeer pulling it.

It has red and white on it.

What is it?

-Emma Langford

I have brown fur.

I have a red nose.

Others call me names.

Who am I?

-Ethan Mahre

I am covered in wrapping paper.

I sit under the Christmas tree on Christmas day.

Logs of kids unwrap me on Christmas day.

I have a special surprise inside.

What am I?

-Nyla Hatch

I have lights.

I have ornaments hanging.

I have a star on top.

What am I?

-Malcolm Ledford

I am cold.

I am white.

I come from the sky.

What am I?

-Adalynn Canites

I have a red hat, white beard, and give out presents to nice children and coal to naughty children.

I say, “Ho ho ho.”

Who am I?

-Oaklee Adams

I slide in the snow.

I like to eat fish.

I have a beak.

What am I?

-Tyr Elmore

He has a white beard and knows when you are sleeping .

He says ho ho ho.

Can you guess who?

-Rylee Cole

I am hot and yummy.

I’m good at Christmas year.

I’m very sweet.

-Rhett Eastman

I’m on the ground.

I’m really cold.

I cannot move.

And I have a magic hat.

What can I be?

-Adeline Brock


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