By Karen Huwe
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Catch the Lifting Bug


November 24, 2022

Karen Huwe

Blake French works out with new weight equipment

WAITSBURG-Waitsburg High School has updated its weight room to improve safety and to increase interest and participation in athletic programs, according to Gabe Kiefel. The school board approved the purchase of four sets of weight racks, weights, benches, and floor pads.

The school was able to keep equipment in good shape for many years; however, the equipment has since worn out or become outdated. Safety is the number one priority. All the school's athletic programs have utilized the weight room over the years, and students deserve safe and effective equipment.

Kiefel stated that there had been an increased interest and participation in the weight room. A solid group of students has committed to a zero-period. They come to weightlifting before school three days a week, arriving at 5:30 in the morning to work out. Kiefel teaches a Sports Anatomy class where his students utilize the equipment to apply concepts learned in the classroom.  

When the equipment arrived, it was like Christmas. Sports Anatomy, zero-period students, and football players were so excited that they stayed after school for multiple days to assemble everything.

Kiefel shared that he was passionate about fitness and loved sharing his passion with the students. An exciting thing happens with weightlifting; once someone makes it through the initial soreness, the positive feelings associated with lifting weights are significant. Students can feel the changes as they become more confident in their abilities, perform better in athletics, and feel better about their appearance.

Add that to the satisfaction of getting up early to accomplish something for yourself, and it is no wonder that kids have caught the lifting bug.


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