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By Vicki Sternfeld-Rossi
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Masks off, Lipstick On, Fingers Crossed


March 31, 2022

Vicki Selfie

Vicki and her sister, Phyllis at an outdoor lunch in L.A.

Happily and reluctantly, I have shed my mask, knowing that this is most likely a temporary reprieve. The virus is thriving in Europe and Asia, so I assume we will eventually be inundated and back to masking. It may be a brief interlude, but it's nice to show my face and dig out the old dried-up lipsticks again. I need to remember to watch my facial expressions; my smirks can now be seen by all.

This week I will be back in L.A. and will plan to maintain a selective social distancing policy. I will keep my distance with people I don't like, while with friends, for sure; no distance, just big hugs.

Also, close huddles planning strategy on the tennis courts because there will be tennis. It's sunny and in the mid to high 70s this week. Other plans include sushi, interspersed with visits with doctors, dentists, and clients, oh my.

Planning is not one of my strengths. My routine for travel is to make sure I have transportation to and from my destination and a place to stay. Other than that, let the adventures begin. Unfortunately, I may need to tweak my system. I realized I planned my dentist appointment for a tooth extraction for a few hours before a business dinner, a dinner with my clients, and my boss. And I won't even have a mask to hide my swollen and numb face.

It is not just in travel; I need to hone my planning system in the garden too. Lacking patience, I rushed planting my radishes, and of course, they froze. After replanting them, Daniel texted to let me know it was raining heavily and the seeds have probably washed away. I will have to do a third planting of the radishes when I return from Los Angeles. I also planted Walla Walla sweets, which are hopefully still in my garden, instead of washed away and growing in a neighbor's yard down the street.

Daniel has decided not to plant anything until May. Even a poor planner knows that vegetables can be planted earlier than that. So, when he isn't looking, I planted some seeds in "his planters." When those planters are lush with disorganized vegetables, I am sure he will take credit for their growth. Then he will blame the wind because they're not growing in neat rows.

In my system, waiting to plant until May doesn't seem logical to me, but then logic is not one of my strong suits. However, since our tarragon is rapidly sprouting up, thyme is already usable, and the chard, arugula, and sage are greening and spreading, I may be on to something. Of course, I have learned that oregano will thrive through most anything, including being planted in the snow.

I never had any genuine interest in gardening until moving to Waitsburg. Now, it's almost becoming a mini obsession, albeit without planning. I admit I am starting to get excited now that spring looks like it's around the corner.

I don't have the planning skills or patience to slowly start seeds under grow lights or diagram a garden scape. I admire those who do and have happily been the recipient of many plants lovingly started by friends in past seasons. Two years ago, I contributed dirt; last year, we cooked and pickled homegrown vegetables for our patient friends. Gifting is especially satisfying. No planning required.


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