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The Wrestler's Daughter


January 13, 2022

Beka Compton

I ordered my book the day it was published.

The Wrestler's Daughter by Markeeta Little Wolf

The locally anticipated and internationally renowned memoir by Markeeta Little Wolf is now available on Amazon.

Years ago, decades ago, I found a postcard of a wrestler with clenched fists and a beautiful headdress. The attitude of confidence, with eyes full of humor, made him the perfect talisman for my studio. The card has lived on my easel ever since.

After moving to Waitsburg, I met Markeeta Little Wolf, who has confidence and humor, a fighter's stance, and an enormous heart. Her love for Waitsburg, cooking, entertaining, and most of all, Mr. Hubbard, is legendary. There is no excuse for how long it took me to realize I have been painting under a photo of her dad, Chief Little Wolf since college.

I was one of the first to receive a copy of her book, The Wrestler's Daughter. I got my copies before the author! I ordered it the day it was published and bought copies as Christmas gifts. The book is so much fun to read, and the recipes woven into the stories help complete the picture of Little Wolf's life.

Growing up with her father, it is no surprise that Markeeta is a great entertainer. We learn about her father's family and career before moving to Australia. There he met and married Markeeta's mom, Dona.

The book would have been interesting as just a memoir. However, it is so much better with all the witty asides we have come to expect from Markeeta. So many comments.

The recipes in the book illustrate anecdotes, descriptions of family, and adventures. From the first recipe, a Devil's Food Cake she made as a kid, I am inspired to give cooking a try. The recipes are varied, as is her life, and many are spicy, as is her life.

I learned about her days performing, recording music, moving to the United States, and then to Waitsburg, Washington. She met her match in town, took care of her mother, was elected mayor, and continues to find ways to challenge herself. Like her dad, she is a force to be reckoned with.

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