By Lane Gwinn
The Times 

Everyone goes, especially dogs

How to handle the problem at home with a pet septic system


Doggy Dooley®

One of the Doggy Dooley® products installed. The hands-free hatch opens with a foot-pedal for convenience.

I have owned dogs living in apartments and houses. My first dog, Tupac, a miniature dachshund, lived with me in an apartment in Seattle. Apartment life means no yard, so we would go for walks around the neighborhood and local dog parks. Walks were when he could do his "business." Unpaid, of course.

After Tupac found the perfect spot and checked his p-mail, I would pull out a poop bag, open it up, slip my hand in and pick up his gift-to-mom. I can't lie; that first bagful was a test of my love for Tuppy. It was lucky for him that he was so adorable.

It's been years since that first bag, and now...

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