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Walla Walla County properties to see substantial increase in assessed value


WALLA WALLA COUNTY—Walla Walla County homeowners should expect a change of value notice soon, according to the county’s assessor, Debra Antes.

“Most properties will see a substantial increase in the assessed value due to the increasing market,” Antes said in a statement. “Washington State requires our office to assess property at 100% of market value, meaning what you could expect to sell your property for if you were to sell it. Sales of properties similar to your home are used to set your assessed value.”

Antes would like to remind homeowners that even if their assessment increases, that does not mean that property taxes will be increased by the same percentage. As values increase, the levy rate should decrease, she said.

Due to COVID-19 and related restrictions, Antes said, appraisers will not be able to talk to homeowners in person. If homeowners have questions or concerns, Antes said to call the assessor’s office, and an appraiser will be in contact.


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