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Cheers for Mama Monicelli

My favorite time for dessert is after breakfast, a little motivation before I start checking off my list of Things I Don't Want To Do. Sometimes we have something special on hand, like Sarah's beautifully sculpted cupcakes, Daniel's Tres Leches Cake from CounterFeat at Blue Mountain Station, Luke's Sticky Banoffee Cake, or Chocolate Crinkle Cookies from Ten Ton Coffee. All good!

Lately, my new perfect go-to for my daily sugar fix is Mama Monicelli's Sea Salt Bark, also from Blue Mountain Station in Dayton. The bark is portioned into one-inch squares; two squares are usually perfect unless I have too many things on The List. Then I need three pieces. So satisfying and motivational. Usually, after eating something sweet, I need a handful of salty chips for balance, but since the chocolate bark is mixed with the perfect amount of sea salt, no need for chips!

I'm so grateful for food hand-crafted by people other than myself. Thank you, friends.


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