By Gracie Compton
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Gracie Reviews: Halloween Candy

From Hershey's to Zombie Skittles, Gracie helps you choose treats to avoid tricks.


October 1, 2020

Beka Compton

I had to examine all of my samples closely. Sheriff Woody helped me pick my favorites.

Halloween is just a few short weeks away. Now, I know that trick-or-treating is still up in the air, but I like to be prepared. Over the weekend, I taste-tested a few popular Halloween treats, so all of the adults around here know just what to buy.

The first bag up for testing was the Hershey's Greatest of All Time, Miniatures. The Mini G.O.A.T bag had all the classics like KitKat bars, Milk Duds, and Reese's Peanut Butter Cups. This is a pretty safe option to have on hand. It even has Almond Joys (to all the kids reading this, Almond Joys are great for combating parents who like to sneak our hard-earned treats). There are lots of bags that have classic chocolate bars, so if you get overwhelmed in the candy aisle, don't panic. These bags are a great go-to option.

The second bag I tested contained little gray packages of Zombie Skittles. I didn't know there was a way to make Skittles gross, but Skittles killed it. There are random, rotten candies in each bag, but Skittles kind of missed the marketing mark calling them Zombies. In every Halloween episode of Baby Shark that I've seen (and I've seen them all many times), the Zombie is always obvious. The Zombie Skittle, however, is not obvious. In fact, you don't know what it is until it's too late. It blends right into the blues and reds, using the ultimate camouflage and breaking the trust of kids everywhere. I've heard the Zombie Skittle even tricks adults, so at least us kiddos can find a little comfort in that.

My final test candy was a bag of gummy body parts. I can't give you honest feedback, because I couldn't touch them. A little too Hannibal Lecter for my taste. Dad tried to convince me to try an eyeball, and I barely got a nibble before I had to drop it and run away. I recommend saving these for the five and six-year-olds.

If you really want to be popular with us youngsters, go big and get king-sized candy bars. Mom always tells me about a dentist who used to live across from us who was famous for giving out king-sized candy bars at Halloween. Ironic, yet fitting. If you plan on supplying the big candy bars, my mom's email is in the staff directory.

So, to narrow it down. Classic candy bar mixes are safe, no matter what age group. I've watched my mom get as giddy as I do when she's handed a KitKat. Trick candies, like the Zombie Skittles, are great for the adventurous eaters and avoid the body parts for us littles. Hope to see everyone dressed up and safely trick or treating on Halloween!


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