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Sherwood Trust grants $400,000 to support Walla Walla Valley nonprofits


WALLA WALLA—Twenty-seven local nonprofits will receive a total of $400,000 in grants from Sherwood Trust.

The grant recipients, announced this week, are from the Trust’s 2020 General Support Grant program. This one-time grant program is different from the Trust’s traditional core grants in that grants are available for unrestricted operational costs for Walla Walla Valley nonprofits. The Trust’s Core grant program will return next year and continue its long-term focus on specific nonprofit initiatives.

“We know our local nonprofits are being really challenged by the pandemic,” said Board President Chuck Fulton, “They are also really necessary now to help address the impact the Covid-19 pandemic is having across all sectors of our Valley.”

Sherwood Trust’s mission is to support, through grants and education, those organizations working toward a thriving region where everyone has a sense of belonging and contributes to a cohesive and vibrant community.

“The pandemic’s impact on our local nonprofit community is profound,” said Sherwood Trust CEO Brian Hunt. Like area businesses, nonprofits are facing disruptive revenue and staffing challenges.

“This impacts their ability to support people in need at the same time they’re working with many more people here who need support because of the pandemic’s economic impact on families” said Hunt.

A total of 44 eligible organizations applied for the grants that were originally set to fund up to 20 organizations at up to $20,000 each. Based on the applications the Trust will offer grants to 27 nonprofits. That includes an additional contribution to the Blue Mountain Community Foundation’s Covid-19 Response Fund that supports local organizations focused on providing basic services such as food, shelter, health and mental health.

All grant monies are to support work in the Walla Walla Valley.

The 2020 General Support Grant recipients are:

Blue Mountain Community Foundation’s Walla Walla Valley Covid-19 Response Fund, $19,450, Blue Mountain Humane Society, $10,000, Camp Fire, $20,000, Camp Kiwanis Foundation, $10,000, Carnegie Center, $5,000, Catholic Charities of Eastern Washington, $20,000, Children’s Home Society of Washington, $15,000, Christian Aid Center, $20,000, Community Resilience Initiative, $7,000, Walla Walla Early Life Speech and Language, $10,000, Friends of Children Walla Walla, $20,000, Helpline, $20,000, Lillie Rice Center, $15,000, Milton Freewater Neighborhood Senior Center Inc., $10,000, Planned Parenthood of Greater Washington and North Idaho, $15,000, Plus Delta After School Studios (The Club), $10,000, The Salvation Army, $20,000, SonBridge Community Center, $20,000, Student Health Options, $20,000, United Way of Blue Mountains, $15,000, Valley Residential Services, $20,000, Walla Walla Alliance for the Homeless, $15,000, Walla Walla Senior Citizens Center, $20,000, Walla Walla Valley Bands, $3,550, Walla Walla Disability Network, $10,000, Walla Walla YMCA, $10,000, YWCA of Walla Walla, $20,000. For more information on Sherwood Trust, please visit


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