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January 9, 2020

January 9: Jennifer Nichols, Angela Crawford, Tim Estes, Nicholas Carpenter, Gail Thames, Gerri Glover, Trevor McGee and Jarod Gagnon.

January 10: Caden McCaw, Todd Harris, Cynthia Graham, Roddy Krause, Andy Hermanns, Kimberly Neal, Melissa Harting, Kyle Huwe, Amanda and Ashley Danforth, Kelly Zuger and Denise Winnett.

January 11: Krista McKinley, Bettina Anderson, Raymond Reed and Jay McKinley, Deborah Larsen.

January 12: Scott Reese, Alice Davey, Ron Miller, Yvonne Gusse, Nicholas Leid and Molly Payne.

January 13: Wes Romine, Janine John, Megan Withers, Kevin House.

January 14: Maxine Cecil, Janice Davis and Greg Smith, Jaylee Dunleavy.

January 15: Kayla Turner, Allene Severtsen, Glenn Baker, Wade Done, Melinda Lambert, Justin Kirk, Jesse Archer and Jack Sherlock.

January 16: Colleen McCoy, Patty White and Rueben Stokes.


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