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June 21: David Dunn, Dick Harper, Tawnya Nettles, Peggy Brookshire and Anita Baker.

June 22: Andy Winnett, Michael Spidell and Paul Cook.

June 23: James Lehr, Teresa McConnell, Debbie Shaeffer, Delbert Porter, Michelle Bergevin, Lynn Savage, Jon Gibson and Heather Havens.

June 24: Kathleen Seaton, Donna Surry, Rod Bailey, Suzanne Stonecipher-Sollars and Darien Hulce.

June 25: Randy Pearson, Pat Allmon, Dan Estes, Margaret Monfort Shultz and Craig Adams.

June 26: Ava Jean Gagnon, Judy Mulhair, Michelle Benson Brooks, Norma Bessey, Toni Chavez and Shalyne Bentley.

June 27: Lisa Christensen, Sarah Monfort Torrens and Cameron Collins, Travis Eaton.


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