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Dayton recognizes local plumber Dale White.

DAYTON—In small communities, heroes come from all backgrounds, and they almost never wear capes. They live quiet lives, hiding in plain sight, taking their satisfaction in a job well done. They may... Full story


And the Odds Are?

What are the odds that this Thanksgiving would be as good if not better than my first “Friendsgiving” in Waitsburg? My first pre-Covid-19 gathering was terrific. It was the group effort, no...


Regroup, Rejuvenate and Rethink

When we were kids, and my mother had reached the end of her rope with our mess, complaining, whining, and general bad behavior, she would halt all activities, give us “the look,” and let us know i...


Tennis players – Diehards, or just Desperate

Although I am not a great tennis player, I love to play. It’s good exercise for someone competitive and social. I’ve told my coaches over the years,” What I lack in talent, I make up for in stam...


I Apologize for my Whining

I apologize for my uncalled-for pity party indulgence last week. In retrospect, although I don’t live a charmed life, I do live a pretty good one here in Waitsburg. Moving here was a difficult...

 By Beka Compton    News    November 4, 2021

Economic Development Steering Committee monthly meeting

DAYTON—The Economic Development Steering Committee met via Zoom on November 2. Jennie Dickinson kicked the meeting off with an update regarding a grant from the Innovia Foundation for startup...


Partial Columbia County Election Results as of 11/02/2021 at 8:17pm

City of Dayton Council Member #1 485 - Laura U. Aukerman 316 - Boe Stevenson 1 - Write-in Council Member #3 392 - Cindi John 424 - Teeny McMunn 3 - Write-in Council Member #5 514 - Marchand Hovrud 224 - Vicki Zoller (Write-in) City Council Member #7... Full story


Who said, "Don't sweat the small stuff?"

I doubt the person credited with that expression didn’t have a good grip on reality. Recently, I have learned that the “small stuff” becomes “big stuff” when it happens in a condensed time...


Halloween Celebrations

A busy weekend for Halloween trick-or-treaters in Waitsburg and Dayton!... Full story


Support for Positive, nonpartisan candidates

Columbia County Needs Positive, Nonpartisan, Inclusive, Qualified Candidates I received a flyer identifying “Columbia County Conservatives” (CCC) endorsing Conservative candidates for Dayton City Council, Port of Columbia and Dayton School Board... Full story


VOTE FOR Candidates who show up, ALL THE TIME

Letter to the Editor: We are just a few days away from another local election and we have an opportunity to make some truly good and thoughtful choices for leaders in our community.  We have an opportunity to elect people that have been active... Full story



This will be the last week of letters to the editor before the election. I hope that all of you will be voting. I am hoping that Dayton will be moving to a more positive and open attitude in all areas. Therefore, my candidates of choice are: Boe... Full story



Elections tend to be a confusing time for me. Sometimes a friend may be running for office or there may be other people I don’t know. This year has been different because of the fake information issues and hateful commentary! I promised myself... Full story


It takes a village, for some; while, others, a continent

When I was very young, I had two nicknames. The first, Miss Perpetual Motion. From the moment I woke up, I was on the go until I would fall sound asleep wherever I happened to run out of steam. I'd...


Support for a successful Dayton

Congratulations Beka Compton and Lane Gwinn on your designation as a “serial fabulist” as stated in the recent letter to the Times’ editor by Seth Murdock. As a recent witness to the confrontation between Jack Miller and the alt-right... Full story


Opposites attract, but can they travel together?

Although Daniel and I enjoy many of the same things, we also have major differences in our personalities and ideas. For example, before he even starts boiling water for his morning tea, he gets...



To the Editor, The ballots will soon be arriving for the local general election. Voters have 2 very different groups of candidates to select from. One group, the Columbia County Conservatives, is against a long list of projects and proposals. As a... Full story


Candidates for Dayton City Council and for the Dayton School District

DAYTON-Several candidates are running for a position on the Dayton City Council, including one write-in candidate. Laura Aukerman and Boe Stevenson will face off for Position 1, a four-year term on th... Full story

 By Beka Compton    News    October 7, 2021

EDSC meeting focuses on school, public health, and health system

DAYTON—The Economic Development Steering Committee held a regular monthly remote meeting on October 5, 2021. Martha Lanman, Columbia County Public Health Administrator, announced that there were 21...


To Everything There is a Season…"

And the seasons all have their beginnings and endings. The season for driving through the Walla Walla Valley with my top down, the wind blowing in my face, is ending. According to my weather app, it l...


Rejection of Columbia County Conservatives mandates

Letter to Editor - We have candidates running for leadership positions in Columbia County and the City of Dayton that profess to be followers of Jesus Christ yet cannot seem to perform the simplest act of loving, Christian kindness towards their... Full story


Intuitive, Counter-Intuitive and the Irony of Gardening

My mother drilled certain behavioral lessons into our psyche, starting when we were very young. One that has stuck with me is, “Don’t blow your own horn!” No bragging, boasting, or puffing of...


Support for Zoller

Dear Editor, People are quick to believe the bad things they hear about good people. Never has this been more evident. In the last three years I have seen adults I once respected, actively spread rumors and gossip online. They do this because... Full story


Semi-rural – Semi-city(ish)

Recently, I connected with friends that I hadn’t had contact with for several years. Our “catch-up” conversation was not the usual, as we all have had significant life changes to share. Without...


Mask mandate defiance discouraging

Letter to the Editor I have noticed that a number of local shops have discontinued wearing masks and have removed the signs mandating the wearing of masks in public buildings, shops stores, etc. This flagrant defiance of the current law is very...


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