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Act locally, kindly, and harmoniously


February 8, 2024

To our community,

We are troubled by the potential divisiveness of this upcoming election year. With all the wars, genocide, disinformation, the potential of Artificial Intelligence, any of which, could disrupt our democratic process.  While we are thinking globally here, let’s think about how we can act locally. As a community shouldn’t we try living in harmony. If harmony is not the right word, should we consider, civility, respectfulness, kindness or courtesy at the very least. In our small community shouldn’t we strive for unity as every decision we make affects each one of us from the very youngest to our most senior members.

It is easy to talk about unity, but it is not easy to live it. What can we find that will unite us as a single community without compromising our beliefs.  One thing that comes to mind is working together to support the realization of the planned new swimming pool. Through unity and compromise we could find ourselves sporting something that fills all of the community’s needs. The pool will give children access to activities that are wholesome and good recreation. our senior members will also benefit with another activity for exercise and social engagement. whether we ourselves use it or not, our community benefits. 

Another thing we could unite behind is the new wastewater treatment plant. supporting our city council and city employees to make the decisions that were entrusted to them by our democratic process only helps the process move forward.

These are but two examples of projects we could unite behind that benefit us all. There are other projects out there that will unite our community for the betterment of all. Let’s consider other projects that could be brought to light. How can we start a community conversation that is respectful, thoughtful, courteous, kind, neighborly, civil and possibly even, harmonious.


Mary Lenox

Regina Weldert

Dayton, Wash.


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