By Chasity Paddock
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Let's get fired up for the WHS Cheer Team


September 21, 2023

Chasity Paddock

Chasity Paddock, Abbi Paulino, Cedar Stegall, Karissa Potts, Beatrix Karl, Mattilynn Carter, Hope Adkins

People think cheer is just about pom-poms and bows; actually, it's about working as a team to be loud and in unison. We try to keep the crowds energized and pumped up for the boys playing football through the long games. I joined the DW Cheer Team in my sophomore year of high school and am continuing this year. Now that the athletic combine with Dayton has ended, we are back to being the WHS Cheer Team and have seven cheerleaders on our team.

The cheer coach is Mrs. Vickie Hamann.Why do I love being a cheerleader? The ener gy at the football games is like nothing else. The feeling of keeping a crowd engaged with the game through the cold nights in support of the boys is everything, plus the uniform is cute. It's fun when the crowd interacts with the cheers. 

Our team captains this year are Cedar Stegall and Mattilynn Carter. They have been working hard to make sure everyone is learning the cheers correctly and have even made some new ones.

Another fun event is Fan of the Night. What is a Fan of the Night? Well, one or two of us bake two desserts, and during the game, we pick a student and an adult fan to be our Student of the Night and our Fan of the Night. But how do we choose? We select the fans cheering the loudest, so make sure we can hear you. 

As you can see, the cheerleading team has grown from five to seven, and the three new members have been doing fantastic. I am so proud of everyone on the cheer team this year. I encourage everyone to cheer the football team on, and hey, you could even win a dessert.


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