By Lane Gwinn
The Times 

Local artists bring whimsical yard art and more


August 3, 2023

Lane Gwinn

Friends Karl Newell and Terry Hofer are showing their art work at WAG on August 4 through 6 at WAG.

WAITSBURG-Heavy metal comes to Waitsburg. Not the music but artwork created by Karl Newell and Terry Hofer. The pair produces decorative and functional art from spare parts, farm equipment, old tools, and almost anything rusted. They are giving new life to the objects they discover on their journeys.

This week, their work will be displayed at Waitsburg Art Garden (WAG) from August 4 through August 6 between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m.

Newell and Hofer have been friends and collaborators for years, encouraging each other's creativity. Taking inspiration from tools and machinery discarded, broken, or obsolete, they create tables, yard art, robots, and art. Their work is clever and humorous, and often ingenious.


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