By Karen Huwe
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Troy Larsen Honored at Fall Sports Awards


January 26, 2023

Karen Huwe

Troy Larsen walks off the field after 22 years of supporting Waitsburg and DW student athletes.

WAITSBURG-Troy Larsen walked off the football field for the last time as he retires after 22 years of coaching. He plans on attending more pro and college football games, including WSU road games, where he will continue to write down new plays and steal formations. Larsen looks forward to spending more time with his wife Diana and traveling to see his children, two of who live out of state.

Larsen spent 15 years on Jeff Bartlow's coaching staff starting in 2000. He was the defensive back, wide receiver coach, and special teams coordinator. Later, he was the offensive coordinator with Bartlow.

In 2015, he took over as Waitsburg's head coach and led the High School football team. He is finishing his coaching career as the DW Combine football coach.

"The friendships developed between coaching staff are special. You spend so many hours planning practices and game planning you get to know everyone well," said Larsen.

He says he has enjoyed every moment of coaching in Waitsburg and will take many memories from the student-athletes. He has truly enjoyed watching them turn into great men and feels like a proud parent to hundreds of great men.

Defensive coach Gabe Kiefel speaks highly of Larsen.

"He has been an amazing mentor over the last eight years. He was my coach in high school and has had a long 22-year career in Waitsburg. He knows how to frame competition in a way that is motivating and relevant. He has taught me so much about leadership, compassion, generosity, and much more," Kiefel said. "I do not know another person that puts more time or money into leading a program. He paints the field, does the laundry and inventory, builds the relationships, and calls the plays. I am honored to have learned with him and confident in moving forward with the preparation Troy has guided me through. He will be missed but will be leaned on for guidance even after his retirement from coaching."


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