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“Confusion over Metropolitan Park District Tax Levies,”

Last week, in the article “Confusion over Metropolitan Park District Tax Levies,” The Times incorrectly identified Tammy Ketterman as Columbia County Assessor. Ketterman is the Chief Deputy Appraiser in the Columbia County Assessor’s Office. The Times contacted the Assessor’s office to confirm that the county had reached the $5.90 limit on regular levies. Chief Deputy Ketterman promptly responded on behalf of the office, not as the Assessor.

In the article, the writer incorrectly attibuted the $.31/1,000 excess levy requested for the Prescott Joint Park District’s Propostion 1, as part of the preceding Propostion 1 on the ballot, related to the formation of the Columbia County Joint Park District.

As described in the article, regular levies for a JMPD are determined through an annual certified budget submitted by the elected board. Those levies must be under $.75/1,000.


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