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Support for effective Metropolitan Board Commissioners candidates

If the Metropolitan Parks District proposal passes, then I believe it’s very important to vote for the board that will commit to progressing forward with the long-term goal. This elected board will have a huge job ahead, working with architects to design the building and have community meetings to approve of said design, work on getting funding and grants, appoint a bookkeeper, work on yearly levies to continue maintaining the new pool, among a few. It will be a lot of work.

After listening to each candidate describe why they are running and what’s most important for the new parks and rec district to focus on, I am voting for:

Commissioner #1 – Dianne McKinley, she has put her heart and soul into developing this District and the first step to building the pool.

Commissioner #2 – Lisa Naylor, has worked with Dianne and they make a good team.

Commissioner #3 – Ted Lowe, he has past experience working with Dayton’s summer rec program that made use of the city pool and understands the benefit of a parks and rec district for citizens of all ages. Ted gave a compassionate speech and would make a great positive addition.

Commissioner #4 – Marjorie Lowe. She brings to the table her experience in grant writing.

Commissioner #5 – Carol Anderson. She has an invested interest in continuing her water aerobics and will work hard to get a pool built. She listens to many in her classes as to what is needed and desired.

In my opinion, Melissa Bryan clearly stated, if elected it will be her way and her way only, as she sees it. I guess she didn’t realize she won’t be the only one on the board.

I’m not sure of the reason that three Aukermans decided to run. Perhaps at least one gets voted in, or all so it’s a controlling interest?

I believe the above five will work hard and give many hours to this project.

Teeny McMunn 

Dayton, Wash.


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