By Lane Gwinn
The Times 

Just another Saturday...


August 18, 2022

Lane Gwinn

This young archer competed in contests in honor of the Baroness of the kingdom.

WAITSBURG/LYONS FERRY-This weekend saw medieval sports and crafts at Preston Park in Waitsburg and an open swim across the Snake River at Lyon's Ferry.

Residents and visitors to Walla Walla and Columbia counties enjoy a wide range of intesests and skills. Lisa Naylor, an accomplished open water swimmer, brings her love of the sport to her community by volunteering at the annual Swim the Snake event. Swimmers and paddle boarders are given the opportunity to safely swim across the river from Lyons Ferry Park to the marina.

Twice a year the Society of Creative Anachronism(SCA) come to Waitsburg to meet, camp, and fight in medieval clothes and techniques. Despite their prowess with bows and arrows, rapiers, and armoured combat, this is a friendly group who welcomes newcomers to the Kingdom of AnTir.


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