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To the editor:

It seems that the Dayton City Council may have made an error last month when it decided not to approve purchase of two properties to deal with long-standing issues regarding sewage treatment. After many years of study and consideration, no suitable alternatives were discussed or considered at the meeting, and no feasible alternatives may be available. I am aware that all the design work is not finished for these water treatment wetlands, and that this potential solution may not work out after further planning and review. However, if for some reason this potential wetland solution to the sewage treatment issues is determined later to be infeasible - these two properties could always be resold, if necessary. But there is urgency now to determine whether this option may still exist, and if so, to act immediately to preserve this option before it is too late. Otherwise, it appears the city council may have painted themselves, and Dayton residents, into a corner that we may all regret. I ask the city council to take action to keep this option open for further consideration and planning.

Glen Mendel

Dayton, Wash.


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