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In response to Tapio's letter


February 3, 2022

Character assassination? Let’s examine what character assassination looks like. During the last campaign, followers of your conservative group used images of me in the Sheriff’s Office to depict me as rummaging through the desks of deputies and stealing. This was deliberate and calculated. It was so egregious that our Sheriff and our Prosecuting Attorney had to issue a community wide statement correcting the attack on me. It was done to show me in a less than honest light, to attack my reputation and character. So please, spare me the whining that I used character assassination in a letter regarding Commissioner Amerein’s no-vote on broadband.

I used no underhanded or dirty tactics in my letter regarding Amerein’s no-vote. And as a voter, I have every right to disagree as I see fit, whether you or any other CCC member likes it. 


Vicki Zoller

Dayton, Wash.


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