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VOTE FOR Candidates who show up, ALL THE TIME


October 28, 2021

Letter to the Editor:

We are just a few days away from another local election and we have an opportunity to make some truly good and thoughtful choices for leaders in our community. 

We have an opportunity to elect people that have been active members in this community through volunteer roles, through board and committee roles and through other public participation roles. These are people that have shown up year after year in so many ways in Dayton and Columbia County. They make things happen, they are a part of yearly successful events like Dayton Days, All Wheels Weekend, 3rd Street Yard Sale, Fall Family Festival, Food Stock, and more . . . they are here year after year, event after event and serve on numerous non-profits and boards. These are people that see the possibilities every day to make our community better. They don’t just pop up like groundhogs when an election cycle rolls around. They are here ALL THE TIME. 

And amazingly, regardless of the outcome of this election, they will still be here. They will be here serving even after others have stepped down from their elected positions or get bored when they realize that they can’t stop progress on planned projects or find out that it isn’t as easy to make change as they thought it would be or when they discover how much work is involved in making good things happen for the people in this county.

The ones you want to elect are:

Boe Stevenson Dayton City Council Position #1

Teeny McMunn Dayton City Council Position #3

Vicki Zoller – WRITE IN – Dayton City Council Position #5

Fred Crowe – Dayton Council Position #7

Shawn Brown – Port of Columbia Commissioner Position #1

Jack Miller – Port of Columbia Commissioner Position #3

David Bailey – Dayton School District – Position #1

Anna Berg – Dayton School District – Position #4 

These candidates are tireless in their endeavors in Dayton and Columbia County, they know what it takes to make good things happen here and have never been afraid of the work it has taken. THEY SHOW UP. 

As one of these candidates, I know my chances as a Write-In Candidate are not the most likely but I do know that no matter the outcome, I will still be here, I will still show up. As will the other candidates listed. Choose the ones that already show up. Choose POSITIVELY DAYTON and COLUMBIA COUNTY!


Vicki Zoller

Dayton, Wash.


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