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By Beka Compton
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Spider mites: A fine web of trouble


August 26, 2021

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Webbing is a clear indicator of a spider mite infestation, as seen on this tomato plant. The mites can affect just about any plant that is green, can crawl from plant to plant, and can even hitch a ride on clothing, shoes, and pets.

I made a rookie plant collector mistake the other day, and failed to properly quarantine alocasia plants I found at The Home Depot. They were just too pretty to hide away! As a result, a handful of my plants started showing signs of spider mites and I had to act quickly before they got out of hand.

Truth be told, I can't tell for certain if the mites came home on the alocasia, as there are a million and one ways that the pests can make it inside, but my recent infestation did not start until I introduced the new plants.

Since they occur naturally outside, it is possible that one of my dogs pic...

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