By Brad Trumbo
The Times 

Palouse Outdoors: The Ebb and Flow

Series: Palouse Outdoors | Story 1

August 5, 2021

Brad Trumbo

A Rufous hummingbird guards his nearby nectar feeder.

The old cliché "The only thing constant in life is change" was coined by Greek philosopher Heraclitus. This epiphany struck him around 500 B.C. I assume taxes were not a thing at the time, otherwise, that little tidbit would likely have been included, as folks like to claim today.

While Heraclitus was correct, that time is like a flowing river, and you will never step into the same waters twice, there is an ebb and flow to events among the seasons and years – the past approximately 15 months presenting a solid case in point. Coronavirus continues to adapt against human immunity. Extreme heat a...

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