By Lane Gwinn
The Times 

Guilt, forgiveness, and being seen


April 15, 2021

Lane Gwinn/BBC

"Pooch Perfect," the dog grooming competition show, makes it look easy to creatively groom your dog. My attempt to bring Flora's inner Iron Lady, Margeret Thatcher out was not as successful as I would have liked.

The Painter and the Thief, Hulu

This Norwegian documentary is a story of friendship built from art and theft.

The painter is Czeck artist Barbora Kysilkova whose natural curiosity leads her to a friendship with one of the men who stole two of her most valuable paintings.

The thief is Karl Bertil Nordlund, one of two thieves who opportunistically, yet carefully steal Kysilkova's paintings from an Oslo gallery. His need to be seen is offered by the filmmaker as one reason he may have accepted Kysilkova's request to paint him; a proposal made in the courtroom during a break at his trial.

A p...

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